Cathy Fyock’s Hall of Fame

Come meet all of Cathy’s successful graduates! They’ve written books on all different subjects with all different styles, but they’ve all been finished and their authors are off to the races. Have a look to get ideas for yourself, and to remind yourself that, yes, you can do it!

  • My Faith Sparkles with Amy Luscher Smith

    When Amy Luscher Smith was diagnosed with breast cancer, she wondered how she would make time and space in her busy life to battle cancer. She wondered how her relationships would change after the word “cancer” was whispered behind so many closed doors. And in the aftermath of treatment and personal transformation, Amy is doing what few cancer survivors do — inviting readers to bear witness to her experiences. She’s inviting you to see the details of her daily life as she adapted to surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, recovery, and, ultimately, her new identity as a cancer survivor.

    Cathy Fyock gave me the courage to take a chance on my writing. With her easy-to-follow steps, I first drafted a chapter in an anthology and then wrote an entire book! Cathy offered great ideas, connected me to valuable peer mentors, and was an integral part of the success of my book.

    To purchase the book, follow this link.

  • So Dad, How Can I Make Dollars & Sense? with Wes Rutledge

    Wealth-Building Insights — Sure, we all want them, but our young adults and first-time investors are going to need them. Written without all the financial mumbo-jumbo and jargon that crawls all over Wall Street, this book by successfully retired financial consultant Wes Rutledge shares practical insights and experiences – in a way that’s as patient and compassionate as Wes’s actual conversations with his own young-adult children.

    So Dad, How Can I Make Dollars & Sense? helps you crystalize what you want to accomplish in your financial future and begin forming your plans. You will walk into your HR department or financial professional’s office with confidence to begin building your wealth (the wealth that will take care of you throughout your life and beyond) instead of “just putting it in something and hoping it goes up or does ok.” So Dad was written to help you Make Dollars & Sense!

    Working with Cathy:
    From a manuscript to a book – from a writer wannabe to an author – from files in my computer to a published, very fine-looking book that I’m so very proud of – That’s where Cathy Fyock where patiently guided me and helped me achieve!

    I showed up in her email box wondering if there was a way to advance my rough manuscript into a book, but not just any old book – I wanted a better book for my young adults and influencers. And that was before I had even identified those audiences – the audiences Cathy helped me recognize.
    Cathy is the real deal, people! She patiently guided me to my publishing team and then lead the manuscript’s re-visioning. Patient, did I say she was patient? She endured my 8 different attempts to find a better tone in Chapter 1. And then we began tackling the rest of the book together. That’s great coaching!

    She also led me to my publisher and editor, Kate Colbert, of Silver Tree Publishing. Together with Cathy, they took their top-tier skills and guided this puppy home. Let’s face it, I had a manuscript, but I was stuck. I knew it needed professional polishing, but then where would I go? How could I advance it into a book? That’s exactly what Cathy does best! She coached me into an author, and a rough manuscript into a polished, professional book that was better than I could have imagined or dreamed of producing. And despite her having so many successful, accomplished clients, she made my goals and aspirations feel like they were her top priorities. She genuinely cares about our success!

    Take it from me, a retired financial professional, entrusting my time and efforts with Cathy Fyock was indeed a great investment that will pay rewards to me for the rest of my life. Thank You, Cathy!!

    To purchase a copy of So Dad, How Can I Make Dollars and Sense? follow this link.

  • Shut Up, Get Lean with Ray Leathers and Susan Nally
    Without Cathy our book, Shut Up, Get Lean, would not exist. She convinced us that we had a book in us, became our accountability partner, led us to our publisher, and provided the ongoing moral and technical support to to develop the manuscript. Cathy has been the inspiration that made the difference in turning our dream into reality. Cathy is the coach that can take you to the next level as an author.
    –Ray Leathers, Author, Shut Up, Get Lean


    From the powerhouse team of Ray Leathers and Susan A. Nally — the visionary and the strategist who together transformed a manufacturing company’s culture and its balance sheet — comes a new book that’s as practical as it is purposeful.


    Leathers and Nally offer straight talk about what works, and what can go wrong, then distill and simplify Lean tools and strategies for your rapid application. The book is broken into three engaging sections:

    1. Shutting Up: Listening to the Lessons that Can Transform Your Business
    2. Getting Lean: Tools, Systems and Strategies You Can Use
    3. Staying Inspired: Stories to Encourage and Guide You

  • Finding Your Coach Diving Deep Within with Melinda J. Kelly
    Finding Your Coach Diving Deep Within looks at the traits and tendencies each of us bring to any relationship, asks how you process and accept information.  If you are doing it in one area of your life, odds are you are doing it in others too.   As much as we want the problem to be them, sometimes we have to consider it could just be us.  Armed with all this wisdom, where then are we going?  Success? Happiness? They are not necessarily together, but if you know what you want, you might just get it.
    It is one thing to be a talented speaker and prolific writer, but that doesn’t always translate to being an excellent coach and mentor. Cathy Fyock is that rare being who shares her extensive experience and knowledge empowering other writers to find their voice in their own authentic time and way.  Cathy listens to your dreams and then helps you stay true to them, mentoring, cajoling, and never being anything less than honest and true.  Your book will come to fruition, and on your journey along the way will have enriched your life and expanded your possibilities.  All done while cultivating and crafting your book.
    –Melinda J. Kelly, Author, Finding Your Coach Diving Deep Within
  • ABUNDANT Faith with Gloria Sloan

    Abundant Faith is a blend of daily life experiences that are open to diversified conversations on faith and what we believe. The narrative sharing explores the destiny of faith that visualizes a measure of greatness in memoir.

    To order Abundant Faith, follow this link (

    Cathy encouraged me to write with purpose and to be intentional in delivering my story for readers. She helped me to build confidence and enjoy my writing journey.

    –Gloria Sloan, Author

  • Lucifer Leaders with Kathy Koultourides

    Lucifer Leaders: The Hidden Cost of Deviant Behavior in the Sales Force shines a light on a particular type of sales person who has the capability to derail an organization by inciting other people on the team to engage in illicit behavior. Real workplace horror stories are used throughout the book to build a case for the determinants that can identify this menace, so it can be eliminated from the workplace, or never hired in the first place.

    To order your copy follow this link.

    Cathy has been my writing coach since 2015 and I wouldn’t trade her for anything! What I most love about her is her Socratic approach to coaching; she is an expert. Whenever I feel stuck, a quick 30-minute call with Cathy always helps me see the forest through the trees. She has a wonderful ability to tease out different perspectives and hone in on meaningful focus. I will never regret my investment in Cathy; she has been invaluable on my journey to becoming a published author. She has taught me so much and has provided so many useful tools! Cathy is a treasure that truly cares about her clients, and I strongly recommend her to anyone who has aspirations of becoming an author! She is AWESOME!!!

    –Kathy Koultourides, Author

  • West Point Woman: How Character is Created, and Leadership is Learned with Sara Potecha

    As one of the first women to graduate from United States Military Academy (USMA) at West Point, Sara learned lessons first hand through challenging situations that illustrate several poignant and modern principles about leadership and character. West Point Woman is a leadership memoir for readers at all levels of organizational leadership, and applicable across industries, genders and professional expertise.

    • What are the LEADERSHIP SKILLS that the first women at West Point learned, which helped them succeed in an often-hostile environment?
    • What are the LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLES that make a West Point woman resilient and extraordinary, and how might you incorporate those tenets into your own leadership repertoire?

    As an exceptional storyteller, sought after speaker and leadership practitioner, Sara will arm you and your organization with the essential leadership skills needed to fight the “battles” of your current experience.


    Cathy Fyock, was instrumental in the writing of my first book. Initially, she helped create a laser focus for the scope of the book. This act alone saved me enormous amount of time, effort and frustration. Next, she encouraged me to simply write and applauded those first, feeble efforts. She made me accountable to produce written works each week and in short order, my draft emerged. She next connected me to other authors, so I might learn from them. And then she introduced me to my publisher, Kate Colbert of Silver Tree Publishing, who ensured my book was on the market within months of when the final manuscript was completed! I would highly recommend Cathy’s services to those who make it an ambition to see a book written and published!

    –Sara Potecha, Author, West Point Woman

    To order this book follow this link.

  • Measures of Success with Mark Graban

    Do you feel like you’re constantly reacting to every up or down in your metrics, as if you’re on a proverbial roller coaster of performance where there’s a lot of excitement but, at the end of the ride, you’re right back where you started? If so, the new book Measures of Success will help you, as the subtitle says, react less, lead better, and improve more.

    As leaders, our time is limited so we need to prioritize our efforts, learning when it’s appropriate to ask “why did that metric change?” and when a good use of time to investigate in the name of understanding why performance got better or why it got worse. This book will help you determine, using simple statistical methods, if your metric is just fluctuating around an average and why a more systematic, less reactive approach to improvement can same time and improve results.

    It’s often said, “what gets measured, gets managed.” Measures of Success is a practical guide for how to better manage the work processes and systems that generate these rules. Donald J. Wheeler, Ph.D., says, “Everyone who is exposed to business data needs to read this book.”

    To order your copy, follow this link.

    I previously had two books published, but everybody needs a coach – and Cathy Fyock was exactly what I needed at various stages of the writing and publishing process. Cathy provided a lot of helpful information and was a great resource, both through her one-on-one coaching and the online mastermind group meetings and webinars that I was invited to as a client. Every time I had a question or was having a crisis of confidence, Cathy was there when I needed her – with a smile (and a polite kick in the butt when I needed it). Cathy was recommended to me by someone in my professional circles and I have been enthusiastically recommending her to others, especially aspiring first-time authors.

    Mark Graban, Author, Lean Hospitals, Healthcare Kaizen, and Measures of Success

  • Think Like a Marketer with Kate Colbert

    The secret to taking your business from mediocre to meaningfully different? Thinking like a marketer. It’s also the secret to moving your organization from status quo to success story, and from busy to profitable. In an easy-to-read, practical new guidebook, acclaimed marketing expert Kate Colbert offers fresh insights into the actions and attitudes that can accelerate your business success, sharpen your daily work, and balance your efforts to create value for customers while capturing value for the bottom line. For non-marketers and marketers alike, truly thinking like a marketer requires the right framework, and this book is everything you need to make the mindset shift that can change everything for your business.

    If ever there was someone who had all the perfect excuses not to engage a book coach, it was me. I’m a professional writer and the owner of a book publishing company. I know how to write a book, publish it and promote it. But I needed focus, accountability and support if my first nonfiction business book was going to be all I wanted it to be. Having Cathy at my side to guide me through some of the tough decisions, to encourage and enable me to make (and protect) time for writing, and to introduce me to other authors living through the same experiences allowed me to accomplish everything I set out to do with this important book.

    –Kate Colbert, Marketer, Communications Consultant, Speaker, and Author of Think Like a Marketer

    To order your copy, follow this link.

  • Taking The Numb Out Of Numbers with Peter Margaritis

    I met Cathy on February 3, 2017, when she facilitated her Blog to Book workshop to our NSA Ohio Chapter.  She immediately caught my attention when she started her workshop by saying that she wrote her book in six weeks and that she hates to write because it’s hard work! When Cathy was working with me she understood that I was a speaker who writes and kept me motivated and focused on my goal.  She also provides monthly coaching Zoom calls, access to webinars, and a relationship with a publishing company that made the writing my book a seamless process.  I can’t thank Cathy enough for efforts in helping me to write and bring to market my new book. 

    –Peter Margaritis, Author, Taking The Numb Out Of Numbers

    If you’re like most financial professionals, you are “cursed with knowledge” and a comfort with numbers, spreadsheets, financial reports, tax codes, and investment models that collectively add up to a virtual foreign language to others who don’t possess a similar knowledge base. Because of this, you may have a hard time connecting with the very people who need your help the most — with your clients or your colleagues. It’s a challenge you must overcome, an impasse you cannot simply shrug off. You need to talk to your stakeholders about the numbers; you need for them to understand.

    To purchase this book. follow this link.

    To listen to the webinar, follow this link.

  • Network Beyond Bias with Amy C. Waninger

    Is your professional network as diverse as the workforce and community around you? If not, you could be missing important opportunities for your career. We all face challenges in making meaningful connections, especially with people who differ from us in significant ways. Few of us consider the impacts of these missed connections. Even fewer know how to recognize and overcome them.

    Network Beyond Bias: Making Diversity a Competitive Advantage for Your Career will help you assess and improve the breadth and depth of your professional network. You can remove the artificial barriers that may be keeping you from your next mentor, star hire, or big customer.

    Are you ready to transform your career, one relationship at a time?

    To order Network Beyond Bias, follow this link.

    I hired Cathy after reading just 17 pages of On Your Mark. I had been thinking about writing a book for a long time, and I realized I needed some help to make that dream a reality. Cathy helped me with the hardest part: getting started. She showed me how to compile content I’d already created from my blog and presentations. With just two days of effort, I realized I was already halfway through my first draft. With Cathy’s guidance, I cut my writing timeline in half and published my first book several months ahead of schedule. What’s more, Cathy helped me celebrate every milestone along the way. I am grateful, from the bottom of my heart, for Cathy’s support, for the value she brings to this process, and for her genuine interest and personal investment in her clients’ success.

    –Amy C. Waninger, Author, Network Beyond Bias

  • Color Today Pretty with Stephanie Feger

    Spurred to capture her everyday moments turned extraordinary, Stephanie Feger ultimately created a book that helps you peer deeply into your spiritual psyche. Through her powerful true stories, she inspires you to lead your own life more richly by being open to the personal growth that can occur through life’s disappointments and hardships. Color Today Pretty is more than a book — it’s a way of living that underscores the need for compassion, curiosity and unwavering love. Come with Stephanie on an exploration of how to love, forgive, appreciate and awaken, and on an intimate walk with God.

    When you feel a calling to do something, it’s hard to ever question the journey to get there. Cathy was an answer to a prayer of mine, helping me complete a collection of stories that God called me to write. I truly value her expertise as I was lost and unsure on how to navigate the process! I am forever grateful for her belief in me that my story mattered and her commitment to help guide me to make my book happen. Cathy is amazing and is someone I would recommend to anyone, no matter where they are on their author journey!

     Stephanie Feger, Author, Color Today Pretty: An Inspirational Guide to Living a Life in Perspective

     To order your copy on Amazon, follow this link.

  • What Exceptional Executives Need to Know by Elizabeth Jeffries

    What if one book, one concept, one guide, could reveal to you how to bust through communication barriers, keep top talent, and grow your emerging leaders? What if it shared exactly what to say and how to say it so that both you and your team member get amazing outcomes? Would you read it?

    THIS IS THE BOOK. This step-by-step guide will show you how to coach your team members to develop the skills that will increase their impact and contribution to the organization. What Exceptional Executives Need to Know is packed with tips, checklists, resources, and real stories, making this the most valuable one-stop tool available for building your role as a coach to your team members.

    If you know you have a book in you and just can’t quite get it out, you need Cathy Fyock!  Cathy is skilled in asking you the questions to get clarity in your goals and help you focus your message.   Her proven book coaching process will assure you stay disciplined to complete your book in your set time table.  I could never have completed my book in three weeks without Cathy’s knowledge, skill and accountability process!  Her gentle, but firm and loving encouragement kept me going to get to the finish line!

    –Elizabeth Jeffries, Author, What Exceptional Executives Need to Know

     To order your book follow this link.

  • You@Work

    Unlocking Human Potential in the Workplace

    Absolutely every decision, every business strategy, every word spoken from colleagues and every policy enacted can and should be derived from a place of deep respect for one another – not just as “talent” but as people. Organizational success is, at its core, about human beings working together to serve human purposes.

    You@Work is a remarkable collection of insights from 15 leading HR and OD experts, across multiple industries and professional roles. And it’s a must-read for any leader looking to achieve more by putting humanity back into the workplace.

    Authors include: David Baumgartner, Robert (Bo) Brabo, Ann Brown, Jennifer Brown, Wendi Eldh, Randi Frank, Belinda Goodrich, Michele Fantt Harris, Alicia Lambert, Marissa Levin, Nancy Little, Karl Richter, Lisa Seay, Michele Lawlis Shelton, Tracy Stuckrath.

    All Amazon proceeds benefit the SHRM Foundation.

    To order from Amazon, follow this link.


    Cathy is a wonderful spirit with a contagious laugh. She is a servant leader who has the ability to recognize, nurture, and celebrate human potential with selfless determination. I call Cathy the “Coach’s Coach,” and the team she assembles creates a winning combination for authors.

    –Michele Lawlis Shelton, Author, You@Work

    Working with Cathy could not make the dream of writing a book any easier.  Starting with an anthology adds an extra bonus because you meet and work with other professional all with the same dream of writing a book.  If you have the dream, don’t wait like I did!
    –David Baumgartner, Author, You@Work and Compassion@Work


  • Staying Power with Cara Silletto

    While some of today’s workforce is made up of deep-rooted, dependable staff, a larger portion of roles are transitioning into revolving doors of employee turnover. This impacts customer service, productivity and profitability. The only way for organizations to successfully and sustainably face the new realities of today’s workforce and the evolution of employee expectations is through a deep understanding of how to effectively hire and manage shorter-term workers who have a different view of the workplace. This insightful, breakthrough book by Cara Silletto and contributing author Leah Brown is designed to help leaders at all levels discover exactly how our workforce has changed over time, why employers are struggling to keep talent and how to gain better staffing stability.

    My book never would have made it to the finish line without Cathy!

    –Cara Silletto, Author, Staying Power

    To order your copy from Amazon, follow this link.

  • How To Work With Jerks with Eric Williamson

    Whatever you do and wherever you work ― jerks are all around you. And without a clear strategy for working with these difficult people, we inevitably suffer and risk failure on the job and in our careers. This book offers that strategy.

    How to Work with Jerks is a training guide for dealing with jerks in the workplace, complete with proven methods and frameworks for handling conflict with people who are:

    •Rude, bossy, sarcastic, inflexible or narcissistic
    •Prone to stealing credit and attention
    •Poor listeners and poor communicators
    •Hell-bent on creating toxic environments based on fear and distrust

    I was lost and didn’t know what to do with my manuscript until I met Cathy.  It was the wisest decision I ever made.  Her insight, expertise, resources, and unwavering support helped me publish the book of my dreams. Because of Cathy I can proudly say that I am a published author.  Whether you are working on your first book or 5th,  I highly recommend you work with her.  It will be the wisest decision you will ever make!

    –Eric Williamson, Author, How To Work With Jerks

    Order your book from Amazon.

  • On Your Own Terms by Lee Quinn and Lewis Rudy

    On Your Own Terms: Building a Sustainable, Value-Creating Business will change your professional life on a scale you can’t begin to fathom, using the MORE (Master of Reverse Engineering) process.

    Lee Quinn and Lewis Rudy explain the power of the MORE concept and teach you to draw information from your business as you address changes in real time to produce an entity that will supersede your goals and expectations. (Not to mention, silence those doubts.)

    The MORE system allows you to manage your business to be a sustainable, value-creating entity for years to come. You’ll learn the critical difference between adding the value and being the value. (And you might be surprised to learn which approach can actually hurt your business.)

    Cathy, you instilled the confidence in me to make my dream of writing a book come true. Your guidance in On Your Mark was spot-on. Thank you for your leadership, patience, and advice. Here is to many more years of helping other aspiring authors see their dreams come true!

    –Lee Quinn, Author

    To order your copy, follow this link.

  • The Power of YES! in Innovation by Shawn Nason with Stephan Junion

    How you view your customers, your team, your consumer’s experience, and your priorities is about to change.

    The Power of YES! in Innovation encourages you to navigate your business with a renewed and deeper understanding of the benefits of innovation and the enthusiastic embrace of every opportunity.

    This book is not meant to spawn “yes men” and “yes women.”

    It will enable you to reconsider why you say NO! And more specifically, why you are not capitalizing on happenstance, chance and upward trajectory due to narrow and reactive thinking.

    Use The Power of YES! in Innovation to shift your mindset and impact your business, partners, and customers in ways that will forever alter your course and growth.

    These are the stories of what happened when Shawn Nason and Stephan Junion approached every conversation and interaction with the commitment to say YES! Renowned healthcare and business catalysts, the former Disney Imagineer and business doctor, broke open the enlightening truth of their organization’s status and path simply saying YES! and exploring every hidden fortune through deliberate innovation.

    This project would not have happened if it wasn’t for the amazing guidance and push from Cathy. She was not only a coach and strategist, but many times she was the one driving us to meet deadlines. This book would not be here today if it were not for Cathy!

    –Shawn Nason, Author

    To purchase your book, follow this link.

  • Live a F.A.S.T. Life: How Cleaning Up & Stripping Down Gave Me My Life Back by Jenn Baxter

    Have you ever felt overwhelmed by what life has thrown at you? Whether you’ve suffered personal loss, a major life change, career challenges, toxic relationships or even a health crisis, you’ve found yourself wondering if the storms would ever stop coming and if you’d ever be able to feel truly happy again.

    Jenn Baxter wondered the very same thing. During the course of just five years, she endured a series of back-to-back traumas that would change her world forever. The stress of an abusive relationship, both her parents’ deaths, a toxic work environment and years of emotional turmoil finally caught up to her in 2014, when she found herself with advanced adrenal fatigue and barely able to function.

    But rather than spiraling downward into a pit of despair, Jenn rose from the ashes with more peace and joy than she’d ever had before.

    How did she do it?

    By getting back to what really matters.

    Following God’s lead, she “stripped down and cleaned up” her life. She let go of her connection to material possessions and downsized to a 160-sq-ft tiny house on wheels. She took control of her health by cleaning up her diet and switching to non-toxic products. And she finally confronted all the emotional baggage that she’d been unknowingly holding onto for years. Then, with a clean house, a clean body and a clean spirit, she set out to make her dreams happen NOW, not later.

    Read her raw and inspiring story, then be ready to do the same. Live a F.A.S.T. Life: How Stripping Down & Cleaning Up Gave Me My Life Back gives readers the inspiration and practical tips they need to start living lives that are more Fabulous, Abundant, Simple and maybe even … Tiny.

    Cathy Fyock was truly a divine connection for me.  I had been putting off finishing my book for a couple years, but I believe we were brought together at the perfect time.  Once I connected with Cathy, my fire was renewed.  Not only did she understand my story, but she was so passionate and excited about it, that I got excited again too!  Throughout this process, she has been a sounding board, an advocate and a guide and I am so thankful for all of her help to make my book dream a reality!

    –Jenn Baxter

    To purchase Live a F.A.S.T. Life follow this link.

  • Compassion@Work

    Creating Workplaces That Engage the Human Spirit

    Increasingly, HR and business leaders are understanding the importance embracing the human spirit of their employees, and encouraging employees to bring their entire selves to work. This volume discusses these issues of well-being, work/life balance, diversity and inclusion, compassionate workplaces, personal and professional development, and spirituality in work.

    Compassion@Work explores these concepts by sharing the perspectives of 18 unique business leaders across multiple industries and professional roles, and offers ideas as to how organizations and leaders can engage the human spirit to create productive and innovative workplaces.

    Authors Include: David Baumgartner, Samuel Bresler, Madiha Chughtai, Heather Dilmagani, Laurie Friedman, Angela Greer, Lyle Hanna, Paula Harvey, Michelle Hollingshead, Milli McIntosh, Tonia Morris, Stacey Oliver-Knappe, Jason Sackett, Amy Smith, Ben St. Clair, Carole Sitzza, Shelly Trent, and Laura Hillerich Wood.

    Becoming an author has catapulted my credibility as a speaker, given me the ability to raise my speaking fees, and allowed me to generate more revenue after my speaking engagements. It’s a win-win-win! Sharing my personal story as a Millennial in the workplace has provided an “aha” moment for so many of my readers. They never thought about how differently Millennials were raised than Baby Boomers and GenXers, and this gives them a greater understanding of who others think and work so differently. It has also helped managers reduce unnecessary employee turnover by being more effective in their roles.
    Cara Silletto, Author, What’s Next in Human Resources

    Who knew I could learn so much about myself by participating in this adventure?  This has been a gift on many levels, and Kate and Cathy have my deepest gratitude.

    Stacey Oliver-Knappe, Author, Compassion@Work

    Not only was participation in Compassion@Work the best investment I made in 2017, but I also learned a lot about myself.  Writing my chapter gave me confidence, and now I am able to say I am an author. 

    Cathy met my expectations from the beginning to the end. Not only did she make the process stress-free, she also gave us resources to market our book and provided us an opportunity to do a book signing at a SHRM Leadership summit.

    Tonia Morris, author, Compassion@Work

  • 50 Abilities, Unlimited Possibilities by Paul Erway

    Imagine three wheelchair racers setting and completing a truly audacious goal: Finishing 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 weeks. Travel with Paul Erway and his fellow racers to the first 14 marathons in a journey that’s as life-changing as it is inspiring. While Erway’s story is unique and born from tragedy — suddenly paraplegic at 21 after a car accident — his insights and attitude are instructive to us all, regardless of our abilities or disabilities.

    I am so appreciative of Cathy Fyock’s help;  from finding the best way to set up a book to finding the right publisher and then to promoting the book. I would still be struggling if it had not been for her guidance and knowledge.

    –Paul Erway, Rehab Products Consultant

     To purchase 50 Abilities follow this link.

  • It’s Personal Not Personnel with Rob Campbell
    I am a seasoned combat veteran and experienced senior Army leader.  But I’m an amateur at writing books.  Cathy Fyock helped me navigate the abyss by sharing her vast experience.  She boosted my confidence and helped me overcome obstacles.  I found Cathy professional, responsive and very positive.  Similar to the old American Express Credit Card adage, “don’t write a book without her”.  I’m glad I didn’t.
    Rob Campbell Colonel, US Army Retired 
    Author, It’s Personal not Personnel: Leadership Lessons for the Battlefield and the Boardroom
  • Book More Business by Lois Creamer

    lois and book

    Book More Business is the definitive guide on the business of speaking. In the pages of this book, you’ll find everything you need to know for jump-starting your speaking business or taking an already-successful speaking business to the next level. At the core of these lessons is the imperative to make money speaking.

    I’ve been in the speaking industry 20 years and have met several professionals who help authors. When I met Cathy I knew I wanted her expertise to guide me along the way. She was helpful in every aspect of this book, and she held my feet to the fire to make sure it got done! I highly recommend her. 

    –Lois Creamer

    To order Book More Business click here.

  • Sell Yourself Without Saying a Word by Russell Trahan

    russell and bookGet Your Expertise in Front of Your Target Market! When your expertise—in the form of an article—is in print or online, readers can save the magazines, tear out the page, bookmark the URL, download a copy, or e-mail a link to a friend. This gives them the ability to react to your message the next week, the next month, or even the next year. Studies have shown that business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, and C-suite level decision makers read their industry publications and association magazines cover-to- cover every month—more often than they read an entire edition of The Wall Street Journal or an entire issue of Entrepreneur. To sell yourself without saying a word you need the third-party credibility of your content in print and online; this book shows you the proven ways to make it happen.

    Cathy Fyock is the best I’ve worked with!  Her accountability calls are invaluable to keep your writing on track, plus, you have the added bonus of her knowledge and experience to draw upon when you need helpful suggestions from someone once-removed from the project. You can count on Cathy to make your writing better!

    –Russell Trahan

    To order Sell Yourself Without Saying a Word click here.

  • Humans@Work


    We’re in this together—
    …but how?

    “People are our most valuable resource.” It’s a common refrain in company meetings, public events, and even the posters on the office wall. But sometimes, it’s hard to believe — especially when employee satisfaction is at an all-time low.

    If “people are our most valuable resource,” what makes that true? And even if we all believe it, how do we make that belief manifest in our work spaces, in our everyday behaviors, and in our core operating principles?

    Humans @ Work welcomes the latest answers from professionals of all stripes. Whether you’re in OD, HR, management, academia — or somewhere else entirely — you understand how all employees are humans at work, not just workers. How can we better understand that — and make use of it for everyone’s benefit?

    Authors include: Michele Fantt Harris, Jill Heineck, Neal Henderson, Mary Pat Knight, Colleen Luzier, Demetria Miles-McDonald, Jeff Nally, Gordon L. Peterson, Lisa Seay, Rusty Steele, Tracy Stuckrath, and Shelly Trent.


    Writing a book chapter under Cathy’s tutelage has been a dream!  She has “been there, done that,” so she takes you through exercises to help get your ideas flowing, to overcome your writer’s block, and to go from idea to chapter in just a couple of weeks!  I have been published quite a few times before, but my articles were either online or in encyclopedias.  It’s great to have a book that I can hand someone as proof of my knowledge and writing ability.  I have actually given my book to employers in the interview process.

     – Shelly Trent, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Your Career Collaborator

    I always dreamed of writing, and I wanted to share my perspective with the world, but that was little more than a pipe dream before I met Cathy.  The whole concept seemed too daunting a task; I didn’t know where to start and had so much self-doubt. Thankfully that is where Cathy came in; she has a gift for helping writers get past their self-doubt, she doesn’t just coach you on how to write, she coaches you on how to write through the emotional hurdles that you will face along the way.

    Cathy’s system works. She gave me a process to follow, breaking the project into smaller less intimidating pieces, and with each step she gave me the tools, coaching, and confidence needed to put my passion on paper. This was one of the most rewarding professional development experiences of my career.  If you’ve dreamed of being a published author, I highly recommend Cathy Fyock, as she truly is a possibility partner.

    – Rusty Steele, SHRM-CP, PHR, Author, Humans@Work

    To order your copy of Humans@Work (all Amazon sales benefit the SHRM Foundation), click here.

  • Presenting for Humans by Lisa Braithwaite

    lisa braithwaite and new bookLisa Braithwaite’s brain is wired to take everyday encounters and experiences and turn them into insights on public speaking, from wine tastings and tattoo artists to the Oscars and drag queens. All become examples or analogies designed to teach a public speaking lesson. Through short, engaging essays and reflection questions, Lisa challenges your preconceived notions about speaking and encourages you to create meaningful and memorable experiences from every presentation. For anyone looking to make a major impact on audiences and offer them a transformative growth experience, this book is the resource to get you there.

    To order Presenting for Humans click here.

  • I Remember by Author Vanessa Williams-Harvey

    vanessa and bookI REMEMBER tells the story of one family’s journey as their matriarch struggles through the effects of dementia caused by Alzheimer’s. The candid, captivating book explores how the crisis pushes a once-solid family to the verge of destruction and jeopardizes everything their mother had spent a lifetime building. Every family faced with a crisis is challenged and tested in ways that exposes vulnerabilities. Just when all hope seems to fade, family members learn to accept one another, respect one another and forgive one another. Readers will discover how family discord and failure to communicate can eat at the core of any support system—and how loved ones in crisis can rally together to move from victims to victory. The ultimate lesson: The fate of the traditional family begins with each of us.

    I was wandering aimlessly down a dark path searching for direction.  When I reached out for help, I was pointed to Cathy Fyock.  When I met Cathy, she quickly turned me around got me back on track.  Cathy provided me with countless tools, engaging resources and professional connections that empowered me to move from “I want” to “I have!”  She will be the soft voice with the infectious laugh that gives you the confidence to put the stamp of approval on your next book!  I am so glad I had Cathy to help me along in this process and I recommend an experienced, well-connected and well-respected professional anytime I want something completed that I can be proud of and put my signature on it! 

     – Vanessa K. Williams-Harvey

    To order I Remember click here.


  • Five Wars by Fred Johnson

    fred and bookFIVE WARS: A Soldier’s Journey to Peace is the memoir of a 29-year Army veteran with two tours in Iraq and one each in Afghanistan and Bosnia. Johnson weaves stories over his lifetime — from basketball player growing up in southern Illinois to Army Colonel and combat leader — and finally, to husband and father who failed to see how war had changed him until it was almost too late.

    For those of us who desperately want to tell our story, Cathy Fyock helps make our dreams come true.

    –Fred Johnson

    To order Five Wars click here.

  • In Sickness and In Health: A Baby Boomer’s Guide to Caring for Your Spouse During a Terminal Illness by John Rawlins


    john rawlins and book coverYou might walk “in health” with your spouse for a lifetime, but there are unique challenges at the end of that path. In Sickness presents the advice one Baby Boomer gathered over the six years of his wife’s terminal illness on diverse subjects.

    Working with Cathy was a very positive experience.  Cathy’s knowledge and experience helps guide you through the process of writing a book from conception to publication and all steps in between.  You can have a great story, but you’re going to need Cathy to help you make it into a book. 

    –John C. Rawlins, Jr.

    To order In Sickness and In Health click here.

  • Cultivating Culture

    Cultivating Culture book coverThe culture of an organization is an abstract, immaterial thing–yet culture is very real, and it’s monumentally important for that organization’s health, happiness, and success. An organization’s culture is important for employee satisfaction and other “soft” factors, but it also makes a difference on the bottom line and quarterly reports–and in ways both more specific and more significant than you might imagine.

    In this Red Letter Publishing Professional Series anthology, our authors offer their measured suggestions for how you can cultivate a healthy, forward-thinking culture in your own organization. Like any matter of value, a good culture requires time and investment–but it needn’t be as complex as brain surgery.

    Authors include: Dawn Cacciotti, Adam Calli, Teri Cirillo, Jen Hamilton, Michael Harper, Jill Heineck, Cindy Hines, Mark Leonardi, Nicole Price, Cheryl Schofield, Leslie Schreiber, Cynthia Schuler, Ken Silay, and April Taylor.

    This was an incredibly rewarding experience writing with talented authors across multiple industries.

    – Cynthia Schuler

    To order Cultivating Culture click here.

  • The Business of Confidence and The Act of Confidence by Jennifer Bartlett-Phelps

    The Business of Confidence is a candid look inside one photographers journey into boudoir. An often misunderstood genre of photography, boudoir is sensual portraiture that often takes place in lingerie. The sexy end product is appealing to many women, though they often feel unsure about it. The boudoir journey is an uplifting experience which everyone deserves to encounter. Follow the author as her journey unfolds and she strips away the layers to find what so many seek: confidence and a celebration of self like no other.

    “Cathy was a joy to work with! She really made a point of understanding my subject and my goals, and kept me on track to keep from losing sight of those goals. I would definitely recommend working with her!”

    – Jennifer Bartlett-Phelps, Alter Ego Imaging, Owner/Photographer

    To order The Business of Confidence click here. (book)

    To order The Act of Confidence click here. (journal)

  • Evolution of Human Resources

    Evolution of Human ResourcesHuman Resources is an essential arm of any company in the 21st century–but its place, purpose, and future have never been more uncertain. In this anthology, we consider what lies ahead in the evolution of Human Resources: how it will need to grow and change to succeed, but also, what we must do as professionals, practitioners, and experts to drive that evolution.

    Authors include: Angela Bailey, Whitney Bishop, Teresa Cofield, Karen Dahlem, Michele Fantt Harris, Paula Harvey, Dawn Holzer, Eric Huber, Olivet Jones, Whitney Martin, Robert Price, Sandy Ringer, Linda Smith, Cassandra Tembo, Trasee Whitaker, Patricia Keene Williams, Lisa Withers.

    Cathy nurtured my dream of becoming a writer and being published and turned it into a reality. From start to finish, the process was seamless and met all of my expectations.

    – Eric Huber

    Even though I don’t consider myself a writer, Cathy’s process of coaching made organizing my ideas and writing the book extremely easy and thought-provoking.

    – Sandy Ringer

    To order Evolution of Human Resources click here.

  • 21 Ways To Love Your Leader by John Bencsics

    john b and bookHow would you like to create an environment where your employees think of themselves as the company? Where they understand brand and brand equity and how they can impact it? Where they are valued as an equal and respected for their thoughts and ideas? An environment that creates success?

    Sounds unbelievable?

    Once you have an environment where your people care about you, you have created a place where they show up at work believing in themselves and truly caring about your company. You have created a place where they succeed. You have created a place where your company succeeds.

    No matter where you are with the development of your book, Cathy’s coaching can provide value to helping you achieve your goal.

    –John Bencsics

    To order 21 Ways to Love Your Leader click here.

  • It’s Fun to be Catholic by Gary Montgomery

    Gary Montgomery

    What a joy working with Cathy Fyock, she is a great book coach. I was writing my second book and felt comfortable I knew what I was doing. But I got stuck and contacted Cathy. I wish I had connected with her earlier in the process. She coached me in writing and creating the book, all the while keeping me motivated as I moved toward completion. Motivation is a key in writing a book and having Cathy keeping me on task was beneficial. In addition to the assistance she gave me in creating the book she also advised me on how to have a super book launch and ways to get the best out of marketing the book. I am still working, and learning from her experience as a writer, creator and marketer. Cathy helped make my book a success.

    –Gary Montgomery

  • Unleash the Beast by Mark Rucker

    Mark Rucker

    At his heaviest, Mark Rucker weighed 386 pounds. Despite his efforts, he never managed to lose weight and keep it off, instead falling back into old habits. One fateful afternoon, he visited a theme park with his family and found he couldn’t fit on the roller coasters–and couldn’t share that experience with his daughter. Armed with new motivation, Mark set out to change his life: to lose the weight, regain his health, and earn back the chance to live his fullest life.

    What began as a journey back to health became a campaign to complete one of the most grueling athletic feats in the world: the Ironman Triathlon, a day-long race covering nearly 150 miles by water, bicycle, and foot. In 2013, a few short years after struggling to walk a mile, Mark completed Ironman Louisville.

    I have to give a HUGE shout out to this amazing woman. Thank you Cathy Dorton Fyock for not just being my writing coach, but for all of your guidance, wisdom, and support over the past 8 months. I know that at times you had to pull me kicking and screaming toward the finish line, and for that I am forever grateful. My dream of writing a book would never have been realized without you.

    – Mark Rucker

    To order Unleash the Beast click here.

  • Moving From Broken to Beautiful through Forgiveness by Yvonne Ortega

    yvonne and bookSince we don’t have alligator skin and a heart of stone, people will hurt us especially those closest to us. We also make mistakes in life and hurt others. Yvonne uses personal anecdotes and the timeless truths of God to help women trade shame and guilt for God’s grace to forgive themselves, to overcome anger and bitterness and with God’s power forgive others, to break free from the prison of the past, and gain the peace and freedom of forgiveness. With forgiveness comes living life to the fullest. This is book three in the series, Moving from Broken to Beautiful®.

    Thank you so much, Cathy, for your support and encouragement!

    –Yvonne Ortega

    To order Moving From Broken to Beautiful through Forgiveness click here.

  • Making Meetings Matter by Jim Ware

    jim and bookIt is common to feel that corporate meetings are a waste of time. Time that could be better spent getting “real work” done. But it doesn’t have to be this way. This book is dedicated to the proposition that meetings can be meaningful, productive, and even fun—all at the same time.

    We need to bring business meetings into the digital age in the same way that we have reinvented business planning and written communication. The current form of corporate meetings is bent and broken; it just doesn’t fit the realities of the global, technology-rich world that we live in today.

    This book is all about reinventing the business meeting. It offers advice and guidance for streamlining and strengthening all kinds of corporate conversations; but it focuses where it should, on the formal meetings that fill up over 50 percent of most managers’ calendars.

    Cathy calls herself an accountability partner, and she is. But she is much, much more. Cathy knows the writing process, and the writing experience, inside out. She knows just when to hold your hand, when to pat you on the head, and when to kick your butt. I would never have finished my book without her guidance, feedback, encouragement, and pushback, each delivered exactly when I needed it.

    — Jim Ware, Ph.D.

    To order Making Meetings Matter click here.

  • Lessons in Leadership

    Lessons in LeadershipThis entry in the Red Letter Publishing Professional Series is the work of sixteen leaders in business, ministry, education, law, and public life. They seek answers to a simple question: what does true leadership require, and what insights or experiences have caused them to arrive at their conclusions?

    Authors include: Teri Cirillo, Angie Fleitz, Terry Gehrke, Elizabeth George, Angela Greer, Chandra Goforth Irvin, Marigrace McKay, Wendy Nepute, Lesa Nichols, Mitzi Pendergrass, Carlene Reid, Karen Schreyer, Ph.D., Elizabeth Scott, Ph.D., Lora Tucker, Debra Walton Wells, Jovian Zayne.

    Cathy and Kevin are a tremendous team that together make the experience of publishing fun, easy, and timely! Whether this is a first publishing experience for you or you are a seasoned author that needs a boost, this is the team for you.

     – Lora Tucker

    Writing my chapter was one of the hardest things I’ve done. There were many moments when I thought it couldn’t be done, but then it became an incredible miracle and my name is on the cover!

     – Angie Fleitz

    Working as author with Cathy Fyock and Kevin Williamson has been a great experience. Together they provided just the structure and flexibility, competence and care, and ideas and curiosity to make the process of writing easy. I appreciated Cathy’s fresh approach and Kevin’s suggestions to be really on point. Further, they not only knew how to provide feedback but receive and integrate it. They know how to get it done — professionally and with grace. Bottom line — Kevin and Cathy made a complex process simple and it was very pleasant working with this great team!

     – Chandra Irvin

    Being part of the anthology series, Lessons in Leadership, was an invaluable experience. Working with Cathy Fyock and Kevin Williamson helped me build confidence as a writer and gave me the courage to move forward with writing another book. The experience was easy, encouraging and enjoyable throughout.

     – Elizabeth George

    To order Lessons in Leadership click here.

  • Rethinking Human Resources

    Rethinking Human ResourcesThis entry in the Red Letter Publishing Professional Series is the work of sixteen authors, all distinguished members of the Human Resources community. At the core of their work in this anthology is a simple question: how can we rethink Human Resources in ways that make it smarter, more effective, and better-suited to chart the course of the future?

    Authors include: Rebecca Barnes-Hogg, Teri Cirillo, Nichole Cobb, Jocelyn Davis, Kristin Dunlevy, JC Gibson, Sherri Harbsmeier, Michele Fantt Harris, Emily Hosea, Nikki R. Jackson, Cheryl Jekiel, Maurie McGarvey, Jeff Nally, Dave Phillips, Laura Hlavacek
    Rabideau, and Bob Smith.

    Working with Cathy to write a book was the right decision. Authors have many avenues to choose from when it comes to writing and publishing. Where Cathy truly stands out is that she cares deeply about her authors and does everything she can to help them succeed. Her support throughout the writing process is outstanding and she doesn’t stop there. After your book is published Cathy continues to support her authors with opportunities to market their book through speaking opportunities, articles, and events. Cathy is the person who will get your book out of your head and on paper and support you every step of the way.

    – Rebecca Barnes-Hogg, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

    Cathy’s tagline “Your Possibility Partner” could not be more accurate and appropriate. I have known Cathy since 2011 and she has always been a tireless advocate of progressive HR. She is so well thought of, so astute and has an incredible international brand as an HR professional. She is also an extraordinary writer. So, when I shared with her that I had interests in writing someday, little did I know that about a year later my interest would manifest into a published anthology. Cathy is a great encourager and coach. She understands the impediments to writing and she works with her contributing authors to remedy them. I very much enjoyed writing with her and learning from her. I am thrilled to now regard myself as a published author and I have Cathy to thank for that.

    – Nikki Jackson

    This writing experience helped to crystalize several professional thoughts but, even more than the content of the chapter, it helped me to rise a little above the day-to-day fire fights to live a little of the dream to do more than just work. (Warning, it did NOT help me not to write run on sentences…)

    – JC Gibson

    To order Rethinking Human Resources click here.

  • FuelForward by Vivian Blade

    Fuel Forward

    If you are looking for a road map that will show you how to jump-start your career, this is the book for you. Leadership consultant Vivian Blade has written the definitive guide on how to take your career to new levels. Follow Vivian’s proven FuelForward System that will show you how to gain control of your career and move it along faster than you thought possible. Learn from executives at the highest levels about how they made it to the top. Recognize the gaps in the PIE (Performance, Image, Exposure) model and how the misconceptions about PIE are holding you back. Acquire often unknown, high impact strategies to transform your career success.

    Cathy was the exact resource I needed to help me write my first book. She was there every step of the way for guidance, support and encouragement.

    –Vivian Hairston Blade, MBB, MBA, PMP

    To order FuelForward click here.

  • Hiring Made Easy as PIE by Alonzo Johnson, Ph.D.

    alonzo and book

    Do you want to increase your probability of hiring the right person for the job? Hiring best-fit employees is a critical task but it doesn’t need to be daunting or complex. In this how-to guide for hiring, Dr. Alonzo Johnson presents his perspective on best-fit hiring using PIE as an acronym-Prepare, Interview and Evaluate. This straightforward approach is based on his extensive research on hiring practices and years of hiring experience in the business world. He has synthesized his knowledge into essential learnings for anyone who needs to hire someone to fill a position. Dr. Johnson’s hiring approach is easily learned and applied as an effective and structured process. The book offers sample interview questions, ready-to-use forms and other hiring tools. With this book as your guide, hiring can be Easy as PIE.

    I had made progress writing my book before I was introduced to On Your Mark by a friend. After reading Cathy’s book, I realized I had been rudderless and needed to refocus my writing. The strategies presented in her book showed me how to refocus and finish my manuscript on schedule. Then Cathy stepped in to personally coach me through the maze of publishing. Cathy’s coaching helped me cross the finish line and made the journey fun!

    -Alonzo Johnson, Ph.D.

    To order Hiring Made Easy as PIE click here.

  • The Comfort Zone Illusion by Susan Neustrom, Ed.D.

    sue and book

    What is this place called the comfort zone? Where does the comfort zone exist? Why is stepping outside of the comfort zone so frightening? The Comfort Zone Illusion answers those questions by taking you on a journey of discovery to uncover the mystery of the very personal space we call our comfort zone. It is an exploration through the stages of change, beginning with the very first step outside of the comfort zone to exposing the five walls of fear that create barriers to change. This book looks beyond the illusion of comfort to the stark reality of the discomfort of change, and offers strategies to transform fear to energy, break down the brick walls of fear, develop movement habits, and create success enablers. Every breakthrough exercise provides a reflective understanding of your comfort zone, and although the exercises have a specific purpose, each offers a chance to reveal an “a-ha” moment. One of those moments is the turning point, the awakening to move you out of being stuck in the comfort of where you are to where you are meant to be.

    Having Cathy Fyock as my book coach changed my longtime dream of writing a book, an idea I envisioned since 2009, into a completed 30,000 word manuscript. Cathy’s ‘just get it done’ approach was the gentle, reassuring nudge that I needed to get the book I held inside of me for so long on to paper. Her knowledge, resources, and advice were true gifts that helped me move beyond perfection to accomplishment.”

    – Susan Neustrom, Ed.D.

    To order The Comfort Zone Illusion click here.

  • Nine Little Words to Change your Results by Lin Schussler-Williams

    100 linThis book will fit in your pocket or bag and, in a lighthearted, sincere manner, support you in releasing your old patterns of self-sabotage and building momentum toward your goals! This book is not theory, but a manual for making change, and making it with results that stick.

    Cathy Fyock is the woman to get your book DONE! She’ll help you conceptualize what it will mean to your career or business to have a book and become a recognized thought leader. Run to Cathy’s Complimentary Strategy Session to find out how you can work with her!

    –Lin Schussler-Williams

    To order Nine Little Words to Change your Results click here.


  • Gwen Walters

    Gwen WalterI am so appreciative for the online writing class that you facilitated as it was the shove I needed to move forward with my desire to write a personal letter of encouragement, which turned into a book to my nephew.  

    In addition to all that I learned during this six-week class, your personal commitment, insight, enthusiasm and encouragement not give up on your writings and dreams had the most impact.

    Thanks again for your support and I look forward to discussing my next manuscript in a couple of months and perhaps our books will meet on the best-selling list.

    –Gwen Walters

  • The Inclusion Revolution Is Now by Maura Robinson


    maura bookTake an innovative approach to a climate of change within your workplace or organization with this guidebook on diversity and inclusion.

    Your workshop really helped me to get my book in gear, and inspired me not to be afraid to finish it. Your suggestion of getting an accountability partner made the difference in my work. You also made my day, month and year!

    – Maura G. Robinson

    To order The Inclusion Revolution is Now click here.

  • Turning Around Turnaround Schools by Frank DeSensi, Robert Knight, and Joe DeSensi
    Turning Around Turnaround Schools

    Photo credits (top to bottom): Frank, Joe, Robert

    TURNING AROUND TURNAROUND SCHOOLS is a book that explains a practical approach for helping struggling schools in today’s educational environment of high stakes testing and accountability. It describes the efforts of a group of educators to deal with the changes caused by the standards-based reform of the early 1990s. The book chronicles the changes in perceptions, practices and assumptions made by these educators during their 20 years of working with “turnaround schools.” The authors focus on areas that produced the greatest leverage in changing schools (e.g., identifying all of the learnings and learner characteristics required by standards or developing causal data streams) and on some of the barriers that made these high leverage strategies difficult to implement (e.g., compliance cultures or entrenched programs). The book develops a new approach to the idea of intentional education, to educating the whole child and to the process of using data to inform instruction. A major emphasis of the book is that change must be rooted in “output” not “input.” Many of the early failures of conventional wisdom could be traced back to the fact that leaders were trying to change adult work, strategies or materials without first defining the output that was expected from the students or identifying the causes of off level performance. The authors don’t present their approach as a magic bullet to solve all turnaround school problems. Rather, they document how they had to address the fact that preconceived realities and assumptions limited their ability to move schools in a way that would predictably improve student performance. Their hope is that this book will stimulate a similar reevaluation in the readers so that they can come to grips with personal assumptions and deal with the barriers that they will face as they come to grips and try to change practice in their schools.

    As the writers of Turning Around Turnaround Schools, we had been working on our book for some time and were stuck in the mud. We all read On Your Mark, went through the exercises, and now we have a voice, a target audience and a thesis statement for what we want the book to be. Thanks to Cathy and her coaching, our new book is a reality!

    –Joe DeSensi

    To order Turning Around Turnaround Schools click here.

  • What’s Next in Human Resources

    greyden press anthology cover no authorCathy partnered with 17 authors in human resources and Greyden Press to create What’s Next in HR, a new anthology. The authors each wrote a chapter on a topic of their personal and professional interest, and they tackle a variety of topics, from talent management to office culture, with their own unique twists ranging from pop culture and television to data and modern science.

    As a national speaker, my credibility (and number of bookings) skyrocketed once I added the official ‘author’ status to my bio and started sending copies to my prospects. Meeting planners throw away flyers. They don’t throw away books!

    – Cara Silletto

    It was a very rewarding experience to participate in the HR Anthology project. Cathy had us organized with specific timelines and webinars so that we stayed on track. I plan to use it as my calling card when I pursue new opportunities. It has opened my eyes to capturing my thoughts in writing with new or unusual work and life experiences. I doubt that I would have pursued being a published author on my own if it had not been for Cathy Fyock.

    – Cindy Hines

    Have you ever wanted to get published? I recently participated in writing a chapter in What’s Next in Human Resources and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Not only did Cathy Fyock do a good job coaching us through the process, but her advice on how to use the book as a tool for obtaining business, getting speaking opportunities, and building self esteem was invaluable. In addition, I learned a lot about different writing styles and techniques which will help me when writing my next book. If you’ve ever wanted to write, go for it! Even if you never write the great American Novel, the experience will improve your writing abilities.

    – Betty McHale

    Participating was completely ‘painless’ and helped me focus my thoughts toward launching the next phase of my career. And it was fast! I particularly liked the many marketing extras Cathy provided. A great experience.

    – Susan Harmansky, SPHR

    After 30+ years in human resource management I knew I had a story to tell and writing the chapter for What’s Next in Human Resources was the springboard I needed to get my book started. Thanks to Cathy for the opportunity and thanks to my husband, Harold, for the encouragement.

    – Lynn Ingmire

    The experience of contributing to the HR anthology was more rewarding than I expected in many ways. The published book was much richer than any book I could have written by myself! I am proud to forward the book to all my prospects as there is a chapter that will enlighten or inspire them. In fact, one prospect said he was requiring everyone in his leadership team to read it. Thank you Cathy for the opportunity to connect and collaborate with such a phenomenal group of professionals!

    – Kristin Dunlvey