The Road to Purpose with Greg Pestinger

Is Your Life Over as You Know It…Or Simply Just Beginning?

The Road to Purpose provides a road map to help guide you through the fear and uncertainty that often comes with life transition. Whether you are a young adult moving from school to your first career, a business owner getting ready to exit the business you have put your heart and soul into, or a seasoned executive recently downsized and figuring out what to do next, you will see yourself in the stories of one man’s journey and the lessons learned that resulted in living a life of meaning and purpose.

In The Road to Purpose: The Roadmap for Overcoming Life’s Major Transitions Greg Pestinger charts the five major growth areas that are often the result of major life changing events and eloquently delivers signposts along the way to get you past the disappointment, fear, and sometimes, hopelessness. He uses his own stories as a metaphor to help you through your struggles for meaning and purpose, specifically:

  • How to grieve and accept the transition
    How to get to know yourself all over again, the real you who has often been buried by a busy life
    How to find the courage to be your authentic self
    How to resolve to love yourself for who you are
    How to make the commitment to living a life of awe and wonder

The Road to Purpose acknowledges the pain and disappointment of transition and uses that pain to help you live the life you were meant to lead, a life of meaning and purpose. A life full of wealth, happiness, and intention in service to others.

Cathy has been an amazing coach. Without her guidance, persistence and good old fashion accountability, The Road to Purpose would never have seen the light of day. In her own firm but fair way she insured that what I said I wanted to do was done. She uses a unique mix of firm accountability and reassuring affirmations to inspire my best work. To bring the story to life that we both knew needed shared with the world. Cathy was there for this book and will be a part of many more to come.

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