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If you’ve been blogging once a week for at least a year, you have already developed the content you need for your first or next book. You’ll learn how to create a unifying theme, how to assess blog posts for fit, and how to develop your project plan for getting your book done!
You have a book inside of you, but how do you get it out? Cathy Fyock has written four of her five books in less than six weeks, and has a formula for getting the book from your head to the written page. You’ll need more about (a) what’s stopping you, (b) turning off “that voice” in your head, (c) getting together a game plan, (d) creating momentum, and (e) what to do once you’ve finished your first draft. You’ll walk away with an action plan for getting it done!

Cathy spoke at our chapter and was an absolute home run. People loved her practical tips on book writing, her not so gentle nudge for those still sitting on the fence, and her inspiration. Members gave her a standing ovation and I’m pretty sure that doesn’t happen to most people talking about book writing.
Grant Ainsley
President, CAPS Edmonton

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What does it take to become a consultant, running your own successful practice?  Do you have the “right stuff” to position yourself as a thought-leader and create the life you want?  Cathy Fyock has been a consultant for over 20 years, and shares ideas about the attributes of successful consultants and the benefits and realities of having your own solo practice. She’ll share different models for consulting practices, and ways to create revenue streams by sharing your expertise.
There is a third source of power that is often underestimated and untapped, and that is the power of connection and trust–-social capital. How can each of us tap into this power source and use it to make results, make a difference, and realize our dreams as business professionals? Join Cathy Fyock, a Louisville “Connector,” as she explores social capital and how to tap into our “personal power” and use it for good (and not evil)!

In the human resources, book coaching, writing, and speaking professions, one person comes to mind as an expert in all four.  Cathy Fyock.  Because Cathy is so well-connected and admired in multiple professions, I thought of her immediately when I needed an inspiring speaker on the topic of “Becoming a Woman of Influence.”  In my mind, Cathy was the epitome of a respected, influential woman, and the perfect example for attendees of our first women’s leadership conference.  Her program was both uplifting and enlightening, and left our participants feeling energized and empowered to go forth and make a difference.  The feedback I have received about Cathy’s program has been very positive. –Shelly Trent, Louisville SHRM

Learning has developed a bad rap. This poor reputation may be grounded in those painfully boring lectures you endured in school, in taking grueling exams or pop quizzes, or perhaps in long hours of study to memorize data you have never once had a reason to reference.

But think about your role as a learner when you were learning to tie your shoes, drive a car, or learn about your new hobby. Didn’t you have an insatiable curiosity about that skill that would serve you well, take you to new places, or provide hours of entertainment?

How do organizations create a culture that fosters intellectual curiosity so that organizations can become learning organizations—those that can maintain relevancy, adapt to change and survive competitive forces, as stated by Peter Senge? Management expert Cathy Fyock shares five ideas about how to take ownership of your career development so that you (and your organization) will survive through turbulence.

Human Resources Professionals know there has been a paradigm shift. The best HR professionals are clearly impacting business results through strategic contribution. ButÉhow does this happen? What are the actions needed and behaviors to build those skills? What does it really take to have this type of impact? How do HR professionals make the shift from being order takers toward business partners with highly regarded expertise?

The powerful seminar will allow HR professionals to develop the sought–after skill sets that will allow you to help your organization achieve its strategic goals and objectives!

Other Topics Offered

You can’t build a strong team without making good hiring decisions. How do you know when you are selecting a winner for your team? How do you avoid making an offer to a seemingly great candidate, only to have the “evil twin” show up for work?

Selecting the best people for your team is challenging if you don’t have the right tools and know–how. Join Cathy Fyock, author of Get the Best, Hiring Source Book, and The Truth about Hiring the Best to learn what it takes to make excellent choices in talent selection.

Many workplaces are seeing record number of employees reach retirement age, causing new challenges: age discrimination issues, generational issues, transfer of institutional learning issues, “retirement in place” or RIP issues, and recruitment and engagement challenges. What can and should business leaders do now to prepare for these challenges? Cathy Fyock, author of UnRetirement, and America’s Work Force is Coming of Age, explores how to discover the gold in the graying of America.
The generations see work differently, causing challenges in today’s workplace. How can we work more productively together and begin to appreciate the differences represented by today’s younger and older workers? Join Baby Boomer Cathy Fyock and Millennial Cara Silletto as they challenge one another about the contributions of each generation and engage in a lively dialogue about how we can more effectively lead through the ages.
It’s hard to be strategic if you can’t see strategic! That’s been the theme established by Cathy Fyock, CSP, SPHR, as chair of KYSHRM 2012 Ð 2013. In her role, Cathy has been helping HR professionals take a close look at the role of strategic HR professionals by focusing on the new SHRM Competency Model. Through case studies and her experience as both an internal HR Generalist and as external HR consultant, Cathy provides insights into the key technical and behavioral competencies that HR Leaders must adopt in order to earn that seat at the table. She’ll discuss such critical issues as the role of connection and developing strong business relationships, the art of providing guidance as a valued internal consultant, the integration of core values and accountability, and how to put it all together to transform workplaces.