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There is a third source of power that is often underestimated and untapped, and that is the power of connection and trust–-social capital. How can each of us tap into this power source and use it to make results, make a difference, and realize our dreams as business professionals? Join Cathy Fyock, a Louisville “Connector,” as she explores social capital and how to tap into our “personal power” and use it for good (and not evil)!

In the human resources, book coaching, writing, and speaking professions, one person comes to mind as an expert in all four.  Cathy Fyock.  Because Cathy is so well-connected and admired in multiple professions, I thought of her immediately when I needed an inspiring speaker on the topic of “Becoming a Woman of Influence.”  In my mind, Cathy was the epitome of a respected, influential woman, and the perfect example for attendees of our first women’s leadership conference.  Her program was both uplifting and enlightening, and left our participants feeling energized and empowered to go forth and make a difference.  The feedback I have received about Cathy’s program has been very positive. –Shelly Trent, Louisville SHRM

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