Upcoming Webinars

  • YouTube Influence and Revenue in Just One Day-Per-Month with Nate Woodbury

    Tuesday, March 10

    2 pm Eastern

    In this masterclass I’ve convinced Nate Woodbury to pull back the curtain and reveal how he’s built several successful YouTube channels for influencers, generating as much as seven figures in a single month. Nate will teach the four ingredient formula that’s worked for him every time, that will leverage your expertise and build a following of people who love you, trust you, and want to buy from you.

    To register for this Master Class, please follow this link.

  • Branding Through Photography with Melissa Demple Henry

    Tuesday, February 25
    12 noon Eastern

    You’ve poured so much effort into writing your book. Your blood, sweat and tears are in those pages! Now, you are ready to share all of it with the world.
    So, you publish it and promote it all over social media, talk about it whenever you get the chance and the audience but, you just don’t see much interest.
    Now you are thinking, “Why isn’t everyone rushing out to buy my book? I mean they NEED what I have to say!”
    The good news is, it’s probably not because people didn’t see it or because they don’t need it. It might just be that they don’t really understand WHY they should read it.
    Publicity, social media, and public speaking are the BEST methods you can use to sell your book. This means building your personal brand is a REQUIREMENT!
    Melissa Henry, Visual Brand Expert and Owner of Melissa Demple Brand Photography is joining us to talk about how YOU can start building your brand so you can sell more books!

    To register, follow this link.