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Book Launch: It’s Personal, Not Personnel with Rob Campbell

There has never been a more important time — in corporate America and in the American military — for leaders, at all levels, to understand how to invest in people. This book teaches you to do just that. Written by a 27-year Army Colonel, veteran and leader of more than 5,000 troops in the 1st Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division, It’s Personal, Not Personnel: Leadership Lessons for the Battlefield and the Boardroom offers true stories and practical frameworks you can apply to the people in your organization and on your team.

To register for the live webinar scheduled for Wednesday, November 8 at 2pm eastern, follow this link.

To order a copy of It’s Personal, Not Personnel, follow this link.


Create multiple streams of income from your book with Sylvia Henderson

You have written – or are writing – a book. Congratulations!

Now that you’ve invested money, time, and research into such a project, if you consider it a one-and-done effort then you are leaving income on the table. In your hands and on your computer are multiple revenue stream possibilities of which you can take advantage.
Sylvia Henderson, your Idea Implementation Expert and author of the book Hey, That’s MY Idea! consults with coaches, speakers, and other experts to identify, produce, and monetize products and programs to six-figure potential. Sylvia doesn’t believe in developing content for a single use. Each piece of content you develop must have multiple applications to maximize your time, money, and expertise. Her genius is in seeing and solidifying the possibilities her clients often fail to see for themselves.
In this webinar Sylvia will show you how you can create multiple streams of income from your book so that you realize such exponential possibilities for yourself.