One-on-One Coaching

My team had kicked around several ideas for about 10 years. When I read Cathy’s On Your Mark (think I bought it the first day it hit Amazon), I had the confidence to start the process. I was so grateful Cathy was available to consult with our group. We kept trying to jump into the actual writing before we had defined our audience and the reason WHY we were writing the book in the first place.

We wouldn’t have started without her book, and working with her directly probably shaved a year off how long it would have taken us. I think we finally got the draft we liked in about 10 months. . . but that would have been sooner if we had brought Cathy in at the beginning of the process instead of waiting until we got stuck. My experience working with her was great. Since then, we have become colleagues and friends. My third book is coming out in April, and we have already started the next one. We use Cathy’s process every time, and it gets easier, every time.

–Joe DeSensi, Ed.D., President, Educational Directions 

Cathy, you are a genius! I wanted to say how fruitful your writing prompts proved to be. I especially found inspiration in the letter to my readers. I have to admit, I didn’t know how one coached the writing process.  I see, I see!  Brilliant!  Thank you!

–Lisa Withers, Leadership Development Consultant

Just wanted to thank you again for the time, information and fantastic clarity I received today. You have given me much to think about. From judging other writers to not gauging my success in units sold, I must say I gained insight and perhaps humility which was needed before penning the first word. Thank you for helping me see from another perspective. The writing mountain has seemed insurmountable, but am now beginning to see the summit as opposed to simply the climb.

–Kimberly A. Skaggs

Cathy Fyock is an outstanding business book strategist and writing coach!  Whenever I get stuck she quickly assesses my situation, gets to the root cause and offers relevant guidance to set me on my way.  It’s not easy to write a book, but when you have a great coach in your corner, you can stay the course and complete your mission.  I can’t say enough about my amazing coach and friend, Cathy Fyock.  I’m so happy she’s in my corner! 

–Kathy Koultourides

Cathy Fyock is the consummate professional. I owe her a debt of gratitude for all that she she did in getting my book project off to the right start. Her ability to advise strategically connects with her expert advice at the grassroots level. Cathy is the total package in professional book coaching. Brilliant, experienced and dedicated are just a few of the words to describe how Cathy will advise you in creating a road map that leads you on the road to success!

–Stacy Bathrick, Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and College Instructor

Signing up for your big package is walking across a bridge to find a treasure chest of practical resources. And that is just one part of the benefit. You are like your own entrepreneurial development association or academy. I didn’t have any budget for this work this year but if I am going to renovate my business and my future, it is a no brainer to spend the money. I am so happy and grateful to be in your world.

–Lesa Nichols, Consultant

One-on-One Coaching

If you’re serious about writing your book, or you need unique or specialized support, then one-on-one coaching is for you.  You’ll be exposed to Cathy’s key concepts for writing, and have the one-on-one tailored support you need.

This is a six month program that includes the following:

  • An initial two-hour strategy session with Cathy at week one, to gain clarity on your book: purpose/goals, thesis, integration with business plan, target market, key word outline, project plan, and timeline
  • One-on-one calls with Cathy for the coaching period
  • Cathy’s books: On Your Mark and My New Book
  • Access to all group programs over the course of your program for the coaching period
  • Access to Cathy’s online program, On Your Mark Online, as well as hundreds of Master Classes on topics related to writing, publishing, and promoting your book
  • Special discounted rates for Cathy’s writing retreats
  • Unlimited telephone and email support
  • Ability to access Cathy’s Speaker Author Mastermind when the manuscript is nearing completion for support in book publishing and promotion

Immersion Coaching

Do you absolutely have to get your book done? Maybe you have a big speaking engagement ahead. Or maybe you’ve just been thinking about your book for far too long. Or perhaps you’ve had clients, publishers, or others practically begging you to write your book.

If time is of the essence and you want to get serious about it, then Cathy’s Immersion Coaching is the package for you.

You’ll begin the process by first working with Cathy, in person or by telephone or webinar, for a three hour meeting to gain clarity on your project: purpose/goals, thesis, integration with business plan, target market, key word outline, project plan, and timeline.

You’ll have all the benefits of the one-on-one coaching, with meetings with Cathy every week, plus access to all the group coaching and Author Mastermind support.

You’ll also come to Louisville, Kentucky for a two day VIP one-on-one experience with Cathy (or she can travel to your location, or, we can meet virtually)! You’ll experience writing exercises and activities, plus focused writing time to get chunks of your book done.

Kudos for Cathy’s Immersion

I am delighted to share my thoughts about my recent 3-day VIP Writing Experience with Cathy.  As an author embarking on my second book, UNBRANDED:  Emerge a Brand New You, I found the experience motivational, inspirational and very productive.  I made remarkable progress and hit the goals I had going into the collaborative session. Throughout our time together, Cathy provided valuable insights, guidance and feedback.  She helped spark new ideas while keeping me focused on what we had set out to accomplish.
I worked with Cathy on my debut book, Out of the Gate:  What inspires you drives you forward.  During that time, she was instrumental in shaping my storytelling writing style and author voice. We were able to build on those fundamentals during the VIP experience.  Her continued encouragement and support has taken my writing to new heights I couldn’t have reached alone.
I wholeheartedly recommend Cathy to any author seeking a transformative and inspiring journey towards creating their best work.
Henrietta Pepper


I highly recommend Cathy’s VIP one-on-one coaching experience. It was intense and productive. The physical surroundings were compatible with creativity, but more than that, Cathy was focused on structure and really moving the book along. In two days my book increased by 8000 words. The end result was my first draft!

Cathy picked up on when I was slowing down my creative juices and she knew to throw in some writing prompts. It was the perfect balance of pushing, prodding, and pulling me through the experience.

Just like any good athlete counts on their personal trainer– I had Cathy urging me on to my personal best. She is a personal trainer worth every dime for her wisdom and insight. She was all in on making my first book come to life.

Diane E. Ferguson


Speaker Author Mastermind Group

Your draft is completed (or almost there). Now it’s time to create a plan to publish and promote your new book!

  • Where do you find the best editor?
  • Do you need an editorial board?
  • Who and how should you ask for testimonials?
  • When should you begin your promotional campaign? (Hint: now!)
  • What are the benefits of self-publishing, and is it for you?
  • What are easy and low-cost tactics to create buzz and interest for your book?

Join with colleagues to share best practices, learn together, and provide mutual support!

Here is what is included in this package:

  • Group mastermind calls twice each month, featuring celebrations, focused questions, and meaty content (recorded if you can’t attend live)
  • Monthly virtual Master Class on publishing and marketing your book
  • A pdf of Cathy’s eBook, Make Your Mark
  • One strategy session with Cathy to develop your project plan for editing and publishing
  • One strategy session with Cathy to develop your project plan for marketing and promotion
  • Resources for editing, publishing, and promotion