The Ancient Aviators of South Alabama with Faye Makarsky

Imagine sitting in a room with a 102-year-old man who could still describe every nut and bolt on a T-34, a man who flew “The Hump,” a man who had to bail out of a C-46 over the mountains of Korea, an Imperial Iranian Air Force Colonel who barely got out of the country with his life, an Air Traffic Controller who spent his career helping pilots get out of dangerous situations, a man who flew an experimental helicopter into North Vietnam to install wiretapping equipment. These men are members of the Ancient Aviators Club of South Alabama, and this book records their memories.

I thought writing down the stories of folks who loved aviation as much as I did would be easy. It wasn’t. After two or three, it was a jumbled-up mess. Cathy helped me straighten out the mess and organize my thoughts and methods. I think she should add pom poms to her logo! What a cheerleader! And we all need that. Through all my whining and crying, she remained calm and upbeat and when all was said and done, she led me to Amy Waninger (A Page Beyond). If Cathy can add my book to her shelf, she can make yours happen.

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