Change Your Circle, Change Your Life with Jamar Jones

Change Your Circle, Change Your Life is a direct lifestyle that needs to be applied continuously for any human being to be successful. Through these chapters, you will go through so many mental and physical shifts that will challenge you as a human being. The purpose of this philosophy is to enhance your lifestyle and promote your growth. The more circles you touch, the more lives you can change. Following the methods in the book transform your excuses into results. I would not be where I am at today if it wasn’t for this mindset and the actions I took to constantly change my circles and meet new people. It manipulated my framework of thought, direction, purpose, connection and faith. Your circle affects more decisions than you know and this book is a guide to help you navigate through life.

Once you take these principles and make them real in your life, you’re then going to make it real in others’. That means you’re going to give someone else a fighting chance. This book is important because it is a raw, actionable thing that anyone could do. This book in particular comes from a place of 50% mindset and 50% action from someone who is just like you. A lot of other books don’t dive into an actionable, step-by-step, a realistic program that you can start today with results that are big enough to impact your current situation at the highest level. It will change your life because it changed mine. I had nothing special, no handouts, no sail with wind to carry me to where I had to go. Through different circles was the key to unlock my mindset and then opportunities. If you follow the ideas in this book, that is going to increase the chances of opportunities to change your life.

Thank you Cathy for your inspiring, relieving, insightful and energizing book sessions! Really appreciate your time in pushing me and believing in me when I thought I could not get the book out in time! Means so much to me.

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