Unbranded with Henrietta Pepper

Henrietta Pepper’s UNBRANDED: Emerge a Brand New You offers readers a unique approach to discovering and strengthening their personal brand. Her methodology encourages reflection and exploration rather than adopting cookie-cutter concepts. Henrietta understands that personal branding is a deeply individual process, thus readers will be able to harness their own journey of self-discovery with the help of essential guidelines.

Through thought-provoking exercises and engaging story sharing, readers are invited to uncover their passions, strengths, and values to express themselves authentically. UNBRANDED creates a safe space for readers seeking a personal brand to empower themselves and embrace their uniqueness. The outcome is an ownable brand that resonates with the reader’s truest self.

I am delighted to share my thoughts about my recent 3-day VIP Writing Experience with Cathy.  As an author embarking on my second book, UNBRANDED:  Emerge a Brand New You, I found the experience motivational, inspirational and very productive.  I made remarkable progress and hit the goals I had going into the collaborative session. Throughout our time together, Cathy provided valuable insights, guidance and feedback.  She helped spark new ideas while keeping me focused on what we had set out to accomplish.
I worked with Cathy on my debut book, Out of the Gate:  What inspires you drives you forward.  During that time, she was instrumental in shaping my storytelling writing style and author voice. We were able to build on those fundamentals during the VIP experience.  Her continued encouragement and support has taken my writing to new heights I couldn’t have reached alone.
I wholeheartedly recommend Cathy to any author seeking a transformative and inspiring journey towards creating their best work.

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