The Case for Choice: One-Size-Fits-All, An Outdated Education Model for the 21st Century with Dr. Karen Hiltz

Readers will be amazed, relieved, and shocked as they read these true stories from individuals and the educational experiences they encountered. Not only are the stories unique and compelling, but also each one provides a perspective only they can give based on situations encountered in the state they reside. In addition, the author provides insight and opinions based on her experience and knowledge of the education system as they relate to the various elements of each story. The chapters end with recommendations and resources in an attempt to help parents and grandparents seek that often times elusive quality education. The supports offered are based on current educational options within the five states represented. For the 45 states not addressed, they all have a constitution, department of education and various organizations that support authorized programs operating in the state. Where applicable, national information is also identified.

Cathy is the catalyst that allowed me to join the ranks of being a published author. I had been working on this book for over a year when I was introduced to Cathy. Based on the experience, guidance and encouragement, I’m now on my way to completing my second book. I’m grateful to Cathy and all the support she provides.

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