One Thing Remains: One Couple’s Traumatic Encounter with Amnesia and Their Life-Changing Journey to Restoration with Shannon and David Carroll


David and Shannon were living the typical stressed-out, busy, rat-race of American life until it all suddenly caught up with them and devastated everything. David’s mind became broken with amnesia and their world, as they knew it, turned upside down. Being everything to everyone and doing “all the things” is a real and prevalent pressure among most families today. The financial, career, family and relationship demands add immense stress.

In this book, you’ll see how David and Shannon were able to overcome these patterns, change their lives and find true peace through the gift of amnesia. “One Thing Remains” will show you how to truly find yourself – without having to lose your mind in the process. Through their transparent and raw story, you’ll learn: • God does not intend for you to live a stress-filled life • How to accept suffering and learn to suffer well • A total reset in your relationships is possible • Community is essential • God’s Word is alive and can never be taken away from deep inside of us A transforming adventure and fresh wind of excitement awaits you through this powerful and compelling story of brokenness to complete restoration!


Cathy Fyock is an amazing book strategist. I went to her writing retreat in November of 2019 and completed my book on January 7th 2020. I would not have made this accomplishment had it not been for Cathy and her staff. She provided an environment that allowed me and other writers to learn how to organize our books for success and informed us about the options for getting our books published, once completed. It was also a pleasure meeting and working with other writers. I highly recommend Cathy as a writing coach/strategist to anyone who is serious about writing a book. I am forever grateful to Cathy.

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