The People-Pleasers Guide to Co-Parenting Well: How to Stop Playing Peacekeeper and Start Parenting Peacefully with Mikki Gardner

The People-Pleasers Guide to Co-Parenting Well reveals how prioritizing peacekeeping may hinder your ability to co-parent successfully. Through a simple framework, you will learn where people pleasing may be holding you back and how to shift into being an intentional, in-control, and purpose-driven parent.

The People-Pleasers Guide to Co-Parenting Well will show you how to:

  • Stop being the peacekeeper and start parenting peacefully even when your ex doesn’t reciprocate
  • Learn to stop living on autopilot and start navigating where YOU want to go
  • Stop getting triggered and learn to take 100% “Response-Ability” for your 50% of the situation
  • Learn how to have your own back so you can consistently be proud of the co-parent you are being

Let The People-Pleasers Guide to Co-Parenting Well show you how to break free from the harmful habit of pleasing others and start creating your own calm in the chaos today!

To order your copy follow this link.

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