Count Me In with Susan Allen

One woman’s story of career, leadership, and family

Discover what is holding you back from the career you were meant to have, the promotion you didn’t receive, and the risk you were afraid to accept.

Count Me In is the memoir of the trailblazer Susan Allen, one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women. She shares her deeply personal and professional leadership journey (including all her wrong turns) as she answers the question she hears most from young women: “How did you do it?”

If you feel stuck in the talent pipeline at your company, suffer from imposter syndrome or perfectionism, or wish to achieve better work-life balance, Count Me In is for you.

Susan’s journey to the top gives professional women the opportunity to learn strategies to:

  • Ask for a promotion and accept you have earned it,
  • Avoid risk averse behaviours that limit your growth and potential,
  • Acknowledge and kick mom guilt to the curb, and
  • Overcome life’s inevitable setbacks.

I am grateful to have found Cathy Fyock in the early stages of my three year writing journey. I attended her writing workshops two summers ago, not only to help tame my negative inner voice, but to simply set aside the time to sit down and write, write, write (as opposed to write, edit, edit and more edit.) I was fortunate to make the acquaintance of a fellow writer in this workshop, who became my writing accountability buddy, all while learning a ton of useful tips and value in Cathy’s approach to the business of writing. I felt Cathy’s warm support and encouragement always, and soaked up her sage advice as a knowledgeable business book strategist. I continue to benefit from Cathy’s tribe of subject matter experts in the book and publishing areas who are regular guests on Cathy’s free master classes. Cathy’s books, ‘On Your Mark’ and ‘The Speaker Author’ helped me learn the nuts and bolts of writing, and how to use my book as a promotional tool for speaking engagements.

To purchase your copy follow this link.

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