Protect Your Assets with David Stokes

Protect Your Assets: Strategically Oriented, Metrics-Centered Credit Management

A company’s accounts receivable is its largest and most liquid asset. To provide maximum return, it needs to be managed in a planned, proactive manner that can be effectively measured and assessed. Protect Your Assets, Strategically Oriented, Metrics-Centered Credit Management provides both credit professionals and business owners with concepts and techniques to develop policies, procedures, and processes that will help minimize loss through bad debts, increase cash flow, and maximize profitability.

Working with Cathy to pull together the material for my book was great. She provided sound advice and support as well as accountability. Just knowing that that you had someone to go to when you hit a slow point in writing or for guidance in preparing for the next step in the process provided motivation to keep moving forward.

To order the book follow this link.

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