Singlehandedly. Learning to Unhide and Embrace Connection with Ruth Rathblott

What are you hiding?

Chances are there is something about you that makes you different, that makes you feel you don’t belong. Many of us hide—our ethnicity, sexuality, mental health, disability, religion…the list goes on. The diversity and inclusion movement has emboldened some to come out of the shadows. But too often, disability is not included in that conversation.

Ruth Rathblott was born with a limb difference. In her compelling and intimate memoir, she recounts the exhausting and often lonely years she spent overachieving and trying to hide her disability before she learned to unhide. She takes us on a journey of self-discovery: discovering her difference, being taught to hide it, and ultimately finding self-acceptance and connection with others. This book will show you how to build a world of true acceptance, inclusion, and belonging.

By the end, you will understand the need to:

  • Own your difference—it’s your greatest gift!
  • Find connection and community by allowing others in to support you
  • Create inclusive conversations that allow for curiosity and empathy
  • Recognize why representation is essential to creating an inclusive environment
  • Realize the power of sharing your story

Singlehandedly is a book for all of us who have been hiding our differences and want to find freedom, for leaders who want to build more inclusive teams, and for diversity and inclusion directors committed to expanding the diversity conversation to include everyone.

Working with Cathy is why I was able to get my book done! From building the space and structure for my ideas, to helping me create my commitment and intention for writing, to inviting me into her weekly community of writers, her supportive coaching was critical to my accomplishment! I tell everyone who has a book in them to work with a coach, and Cathy is the best one!

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