The Humanized Leader with Mary Pat Knight


More importantly, the world needs your humanized leadership. You must create trust, clearly communicate, coach powerfully, and customize every step of the way to the various types of people you are privileged to lead. This leader is ever aware that other humans execute the processes which drive the profits – people are always at the center.

This book lays out in 12 engaging chapters, a proven path to developing yourself and your teams. You will gain the mindset and skillset to:
Show up in authentic and conscious leadership
Manage workplace emotions – yours and theirs
Communicate with clarity and connection
Guide performance to build a culture of accountability
Understand your own secret sauce of genius and appreciate it in others

Drawing from the signature system, Leadership Mastery, this guide to your own evolution has been practiced and perfected for 15 years with thousands of clients.

This is a call to action. HUMANIZE how you lead. Your time is now.

Cathy Fyock’s author retreat made the completion of this book possible. The mix of practical and inspirational coaching and training in the 2.5 day event offered an environment for me to create momentum and complete. Cathy is very generous with her resources and when I stumbled, I asked “what would Cathy do”?


To order your copy follow this link.

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