Laughter Makes You Stronger with Darlene Davies

The world needs more smiles and laughter, a sense of belonging and hope. Laughter Makes You Stronger is a collection of heartfelt stories that brings us smiles, laughter and tears. It is about family, the human heart, love, laughter and the power of human connection. Included are stories about childhood before digital technology, teenage romance, learning from aging parents and the challenges, tribulations and joys of life’s journey.

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Cathy’s weekly PAGES writing sessions were just what I needed when writing my first book. It was interesting to hear other writers talk about their challenges and their achievements, and they all made me feel less alone in this writing journey. The sessions were full of valuable information, tips and encouragement. They helped me transform from wondering if I was good enough to believing that I must share my stories.

Thank you Cathy and Allie!

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