About Face: How Airway Dentistry Can Open Your Path to Healing and Wellbeing with Sheryl Pomerance

90% of the population reaches adulthood with underdeveloped midfaces and lower jaws. This causes lots of crowding—the teeth, tongue, tonsils, and adenoids are crowded. The nasal septum deviates to one side or the other, ears get congested. The airway is restricted, and the body responds by shifting into the Sympathetic Nervous System. Living in low-level sympathetic mode erodes health. This can contribute to anxiety, headaches, low thyroid, ADHD/ADD symptoms, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and many other common mental or physical health conditions.

Dr. Pomerance was part of that 90%. In About Face, she shares her Airway Dentistry expertise regarding face size and health outcomes stemming from years of continuing education, her personal health struggles, and decades of clinical experience.

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