Horseshoes vs. Chess: A Practical Guide for Chamber of Commerce Leaders with Dave Adkisson

In Horseshoes vs. Chess, veteran chamber executive and former mayor Dave Adkisson shares the insights he gained from more than 40 years of observing chambers of commerce – as a CEO of three different chambers (a small city chamber, a metro chamber and a state chamber), as a two-term mayor of his hometown, as a former assistant to a U.S. Senator, and as a chamber leader on the national level. It contains the lessons he wishes he had known when he was starting his chamber career.

Linking up with Cathy was absolutely pivotal to my book becoming a reality and becoming an Amazon Bestseller. From Day One, she gave solid advice, built discipline into my writing process with her on-line writing workshops and at a critical point, connected me to different options for choosing a publisher. Of course, I’m proud of my book. I hope Cathy now has it on her shelf and considers it one more trophy among the many she has earned and that symbolize the amazing work she does for aspiring writers.

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