You Don’t Get a Map, You Get a Compass with Cindy Hartner

Cindy Hartner never expected her ten years of marriage to end the way it did. At just 34, she lost the love of her life to a fatal heart attack. She faced a choice: remain stuck in self-pity, anxiety and fatigue or move through the unknown as soon as possible. In this tender, funny book, Cindy shares how she found reasons to keep living, step out of the pain and take control. You Don’t Get a Map, You Get a Compass is a guide for anyone ready to move from grief to recovery and to find joy in a fulfilling life.

I honestly believe this book would never have been published without Cathy Fyock! Cathy helped me move beyond the limits of my own knowledge and experience and took away all the “scary!” Publishing a book is such a vulnerable experience, and Cathy made sure that I felt competent and resourceful. Her tips, methods and knowledge have been invaluable to me as a first-time author and I feel confident about moving towards my next book. I highly recommend Cathy to anyone who has a passion to publish, regardless of what stage of writing and publishing they are in. She was the best investment I made on my publishing journey.

To purchase the book, follow this link.

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