Writing Blogs, Articles, and Books to Boost Your Career – Part 2

Narrowing the Scope of Your Article

Now that you’ve selected the topic, you must narrow the scope of your article.  Consider these guidelines for defining the specific issue and treatment:

*  Focus on one element of the topic

*  How to’s for implementation

*  Steps and procedures

*  Pros and cons, particularly for controversial issues

*  Key ideas, tips, and guidelines for specific activities

*  Analogy/metaphor articles


For example, throughout my work I have provided consultation services on strategic recruitment and have written articles on the following aspects of recruitment:

*  Recruiting key labor market segments (both on targeting techniques, as well as specifics of recruiting labor market segments such as older workers)

*  How to conduct some recruitment activity (such as how to conduct a recruitment event, such as an open house or career fair)

*  Steps or procedures in tracking or planning for recruitment

*  Pros and cons of various recruitment approaches, including more controversial activities, such as telemarketing

*  Key ideas, tips, or guidelines in implementing specific activities

*  An analogy of how recruitment is like marketing and sales

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