Why Write?

Getting clear on the purpose for your writing is one of the significant hurdles to getting your book completed. If you don’t know how you’ll use your book in your business, you may miss the mark or fail to leverage the full value of your authorship.

By being clear on how your book will benefit you and your business, you’ll find that you can justify the necessary time to write it. You’ll also find that identifying your purpose will provide fuel for your motivation and drive.

Look at the list below and determine which of these benefits of writing a book will fuel your motivation for getting your book completed. And, be sure to add to this blog by commenting on the benefits you plan to derive (or are currently receiving) from authorship.

Don’t miss the video clip featuring National Speakers Association KY chapter members talking about the benefits they’ve receiving from writing their books!

To give to prospects as a “calling card”

To help sell your professional services

To establish your credibility

To gain media exposure

To develop a revenue stream from back of the room sales

To develop revenue from publishing

To serve as the curriculum for your work with clients

To launch your new business

To demonstrate how you’ve helped others

To establish thought-leadership

To open the door for speaking engagements

To help audiences retain the message they’ve heard in your presentation

To differentiate yourself from your competition

To establish your value proposition with clients and prospects

To showcase your achievements

To educate your clients and prospects

To create “buzz” for your topic and your business

To challenge others in their way of thinking

To say “I wrote the book on that!”

To check it off your bucket list

To provide it as a thank you or giveaway to your clients, colleagues, friends, and family

To leave a legacy

To show a different side of the story

To be cited by other thought-leaders

To grow your business

To develop a fan base

To get the respect you deserve

To be asked to serve on boards, committees, task forces, or other roles

To get that nagging voice out of your head (“Why don’t you write that book??”)

To tell your story

To gain visibility for internal promotions

To snag the attention of business leadership

To make a difference

To hear more from published authors about the benefits of writing, view this short video featuring speakers from the Kentucky chapter of the National Speakers Association.

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