The Power of Positive Intention

There is something really powerful about creating a positive intention. I’ve been working with my coaching clients on harnessing this power by encouraging them to wear the button I created, “Ask me about my book!”

I jokingly say that the buttons are magic—but only when you wear them! There’s magic in first putting it on and wearing it to the grocery store, the airport, or to a business meeting. It takes guts to state to the world, I don’t know exactly how I’m going to do this or exactly what I’m going to say, but I am now saying to the world that I WILL write my book! One of my coaching clients confided that the button sat for several weeks on her bedroom dresser. Each day she looked at the button and gathered her nerve to put it on and wear it. Now that she’s displaying her button she’s moving forward with her book.

Jim Ware has discovered the magic in wearing his button to networking function as he’s crafting his first book, Changing the Corporate Conversation. Follow this link to Jim’s most recent blog post about how his experience in wearing his button continues to support and inform his writing journey.

The final magic that flows from the button is one of the benefits I now receive. On my recent trip to Alberta, Canada to speak for the Calgary Chapter of CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers—you can see my post on Facebook ), I was asked in the airport about my book (the guy said, “OK, so what’s with the book?”), which resulted in a sale!

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