Stop Overthinking and Start Writing Your Book with Mary Kelly

You know you need to spend more time writing, but you never seem to find time. You tell yourself that you are writing a book but so far, you don’t feel like you have made much progress. You want to get your book DONE, but other more pressing issues are always getting in the way.

Everyone procrastinates, but some people seem to be able to overcome it better than others.
Learn Mary’s tricks to writing even when you don’t feel the muse, writing when you are tired, and writing when you are not sure if you have anything to say.
Stop overthinking and start writing now. Your book is waiting.
Mary Kelly spent 25 years on active duty in the Navy as an intelligence and logistics officer. A professor at the Naval Academy, the Air Force Academy, the Cox Business School at SMU, and in the graduate program for Colorado State University, she loves speaking in front of groups. Author of 15 books and over 30 workbooks, Mary has a PhD in economics. She can be found online at and in person near wine and dogs.

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