What’s Your Writing Plan for the Holidays?

As a book coach, you might think that my advice for your writing goals over the holidays might be to write as much as you possibly can. And while that advice might hold true for some clients, it likely wouldn’t be true for all my clients.

Let me explain.

I believe that every writer should be extremely intentional about their writing goals over the holidays.

So what does that mean?

Here’s what I don’t want to happen. Let’s say you set some really aggressive writing goals for yourself but find that your heart is tugging at you to spend more time with your children, or to make that trip to see your Nana and Auntie Pat. Do you keep on writing, and then be plagued with guilt about missing out on treasured memories or quality time?

Or, conversely, do you decide to take off two weeks around the holidays from your writing to connect with friends, attend parties, and be with family, only to have your book metaphorically tapping you on the shoulder and scolding you for your neglect?

Whether you plan to write or take a break from your writing over the holidays should be a decision that you make very intentionally. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you plan for the holidays.

Where am I on my writing journey? If you’re developed some good momentum, you may want to consider how breaking that momentum might impact your ability to get back to it.

Have I been consistently meeting my weekly writing goals? If you have, then you might reward yourself for your diligence and take some time off, knowing you can jump back in and still be on track.

How imperative is it that I meet my completion deadline? If you have several key speaking engagements where having the book would add to your credibility and to your revenue, you may want to determine how you would make up the time if you missed over the holidays.

Remember, too, that you don’t have to decide to either completely forsake your holiday celebration for your writing or forego all writing. Consider the compromises you might be able to make. For example, you’ll skip that party that always leaves you drained and tired to get your writing complete, but you will indulge in the get-together with your dearest friends. You may also consider how you can get in short periods that allow you to move forward with your writing, such as writing in 20 minute blocks versus the typical hour you protect for writing.

Whatever you do, have a plan, and enjoy your plan. Don’t let guilt or regret haunt you once you’ve decided on the best writing path for you this season.

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