Solving the Publishing Puzzle with Everett O’Keefe


What do Stephen King, William Golding, John le Carré, Margaret Mitchell, Louisa May Alcott (Little Women), Frank Herbert, and James Joyce all have in common? They were rejected over and over by traditional publishers!

What do Margaret Atwood(author of The Handmaid’s Tale), Andy Weir (The Martian), Mark Twain, E.L. James (Fifty Shades of Grey), William P. Young (The Shack), and even Beatrix Potter (Peter Rabbit) have in common? They all turned to self publishing to bring their books to the world.

The publishing “nut” is a hard one to crack, and there are many variables to consider. Format, ISBNs, distribution rights, launch strategies, printing costs, cover artwork, interior design, editing, and intellectual property rights are only a few of the variables that must be addressed. Publishing It can get overwhelming.

So how should you proceed? Your manuscript is complete (or nearly so!), but now what?

In this masterclass, international #1 bestselling author and publisher Everett O’Keefe will demystify the world of traditional and self publishing and provide a clear analysis of the pros and cons of both methods. He will even take you inside the fine print of a traditional publishing contract so you can understand the “gotchas” that sometimes hide therein. Everett will also show you the wonderful world of “print on demand” and how you can get copies of your book for a fraction of what a publisher might offer you.

This will be a highly interactive session, so bring your questions and challenges! If you are starting, finishing, or even considering republishing a book, this masterclass is for you!

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