It’s Time to Think about Time by Michael Harper, WorkShop

Let’s face it, though, we’ve all sat through time management seminars (led by ridiculously organized people) and you’ve probably read our fair share of articles on this topic. Instead of listing the same old list of time management ideas, we thought we’d pass along a few creative ideas that may be new to you:

Keep a List of 10-Minute Tasks–We often have wasted pockets of ten to fifteen minutes in our days because we don’t know what to do when we only have a few minutes before our next meeting. Keep a list of things that can be done in a short amount of time and fill up these wasted pockets of time!

Eat a Frog Each Morning–Tackle your most challenging task (the one that you’re most likely to procrastinate) first and your productivity for the rest of the day will skyrocket. Check out Brian Tracey’s book, Eat That Frog, that unpacks this idea.
Claim the Myth of Work/Life Balance–Instead of striving for the unrealistic goal of a balanced life, choose to be fully present wherever you are. Too often our minds and hearts are are spread too thin because we’re trying too hard to be available to too many people and things.
Be True to Yourself–Time management advice is great to have, but not all advice will make a difference for all people. Step back and think carefully about how your unique personality and working style can best tackle your unique time challenges. Give yourself permission to do what’s best for YOU as you focus on increased productivity!
Need any more creative ideas for time management?

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