In the studio: what every author needs to know when creating video footage

This past month I had the opportunity to travel to Greenville, South Carolina with my NSA Mastermind group and work with Chuck Gallagher in his remarkable video studio, VTA. Jeff Nally, Meredith Oliver, Chuck and I worked together to create multiple clips that we plan to use on our websites and on social media.

We were incredibly productive (and had a whole lot of fun), and it was an invaluable learning experience. Here are some of our insights that might help you as you plan for your studio time.

  • Be clear about your purpose for your video. Do you want this to create awareness on social media? Will the clip be used to welcome visitors to your website? Do you need to establish your brand or client value? You’ll be more effective when you can be laser-focused on your anticipated results.
  • Don’t wing it! Meredith’s inclination was to speak off-the-cuff, but Chuck encouraged all of us to come with our scripts. “Script your message and use the teleprompter,” states Meredith. “You’ll tighten your message so that every word counts.”
  • Read your script aloud prior to your arrival in the studio, and ideally read it for your colleagues who can help you wordsmith your message. Keep it short and succinct.
  • Consider your brand and your look on camera. Bring a variety of jackets, shirts, and accessories that align with your brand. Having more than one option can be helpful (especially if you choose a pattern or color that doesn’t work on camera). Consider props like your book and work with your videographer for the perfect background.
  • Choose a professional who understands speakers and can make suggestions. Chuck gave us expert advice when we needed to give the message more or less energy, when the intonation was off, or when we wanted to include a special effect. Jeff suggests, “Chuck’s expertise in scripting and producing gives you a great end product.”

Chuck summarizes it all by saying, “Working with thought leaders and speakers in the studio is creative joy. Working together helps grow your business and expand your brand.”

If you’re interested in exploring time in the studio with Chuck, contact him at 828-244-1400.

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