Are you a brilliant professional who, like Rodney Dangerfield, gets no respect?

Has your career plateaued and you don’t see a way to jump ahead of your competition?

Are you frustrated that your big ideas are not given the consideration they deserve?

If these questions resonate with you, imagine for a moment that you have just authored your book . . . a book that speaks of your expertise, shares examples of your accomplishments, and establishes your thought leadership.

Imagine that you have this book in your hands.  It is prominently displayed on your local bookstore shelves.  Better still, it is in the hands of that prospect you’ve been hoping to win, or being studied by your senior leadership team.

Imagine that the phone is ringing with job offers and LinkedIn and Facebook requests, and you have multiplied your followers on Twitter.

Imagine your book as your calling card, positioning you as the one who “wrote the book” on your subject, effortlessly selling you.

Imagine being sought as the keynote speaker at a conference with your peers, for which you receive accolades for your vision and your brilliance.

If writing a book is your dream, imagine that it could be a dream come true.  In the weeks ahead I’ll share ideas about how to make that possibility a reality.

I hope you’ll join me in the journey!


Watch this video featuring National Speakers Association KY members Stephen Tweed, Kelly Watkins, Joan Fox, Larry Watson, Gary Montgomery, and Joe Bonura discuss the benefits of having their book!

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