But I Want to Fly: Master Class and Inspirational Learning Event with Michelle Villalobos

WHY – The purpose for this session is for Michelle to share a case study/example of publishing and utilizing a book to grow business in unique ways — beyond the usual strategies, to inspire creative risk-taking, and to cultivate a bigger vision for their own books.
WHO – Michelle Villalobos, CSP, MBA is a transformational speaker and coach. She helps influencers, experts, and thought leaders grow their leadership and their businesses by creating “big back ends” to their business models — while honoring their purpose, passions, and values.
WHAT – Michelle Villalobos’ book “But I Want To Fly” is an inspirational children’s-style book (for adults) with motivational and inspirational messaging. This is a significant departure from the type of content Michelle has produced in the past, and is opening all sorts of new doors and opportunities, including selling books in bulk and landing exciting speaking engagements. We’ll take a behind the curtain look at the creation, inspiration, and practical implementation of this unique book and how Michelle is utilizing it in creative ways to drive business and support her overall messaging.
HOW – This will be an interactive Q&A format, plus a dramatic reading from the book itself.

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