Becoming a Fearless Writer with Jacqueline Wales

Writing is a solitary profession and many times we can get in our way with what we want to say.
Fear is usually loud and very present when we begin the process of writing something we care about. Being fearless in your writing means taking the risk that people will want to read what you’ve written, they will willingly share your ideas, and will find them worthy of further thought.
On top of that is the self-doubt. Am I capable of doing what I think I can do? Can I actually write something worth reading? Will my book even be read? And forget about the best-seller list. That’s a dream for many, but most don’t even come close. Being a writer means living out loud, as Proust once said, and we must be fearless in our efforts and have the courage to keep moving forward until one day you hold your book in your hand and say, “I’m proud of this.”
Jacqueline Wales is the author of When The Crow Sings, a novel, The Fearless Factor and The Fearless Factor @ Work. She believes fear matters to your success because it is the driver for growth. and is dedicated to helping individuals overcome their limited beliefs and behaviors that get in the way of their achievements. She is currently working on her third Fearless Factor book.

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