Are you cut out to be a consultant?

In my years working with consultants (I now have more than 25 years under my belt), I’ve found that there are definite signs as to whether you are consultant material or not. I truly believe that some folks are cut out for consulting and others just aren’t.

Take this unscientific quiz and determine if you think and act like a consultant. Chances are, if you think like a consultant, and act like a consultant, you’re probably a consultant (or meant to be one!).

(The more you agree with these statements, the more likely you are to be or become a consultant!)

  1. I like to solve challenging problems.
  2. Give me a mess and let me straighten it out—nothing makes me happier.
  3. Maybe I’m a job hopper. When I get in a job and get it all straightened out, I’m ready to move on.
  4. Maintaining the status quo makes me stir crazy.
  5. I like a project with a beginning, a middle, and an end.
  6. Doing the same thing every day would make me bored stiff.
  7. I love the excitement of a new problem.
  8. I enjoy bringing together diverse issues and finding a solution in the midst of converging ideas.
  9. I love to learn.
  10. I can deal with others using “tough love.”
  11. I like to pack my bags and travel to do my work.
  12. I don’t mind sharing my ideas and insights with others.
  13. I like to roll up my sleeves and get stuff done.
  14. Busyness for busyness’s sake is exhausting.
  15. I’d rather have a super-busy day than a slow one.
  16. I enjoy gathering all the facts before I solve the problem.
  17. I enjoy solving difficult puzzles.
  18. I like to map out projects and establish benchmarks for completion.
  19. I like to work with smart people.
  20. I can speak my mind, even when it’s not the popular opinion.
  21. I don’t mind being the devil’s advocate or exploring the other side of the story.
  22. I can deliver unwelcome news (it’s not my favorite thing, but I can do it).
  23. I like meeting new people and learning about what they do.
  24. I can present my ideas to a group with ease.
  25. I am confident of my knowledge and expertise.
  26. I know how to get work done through others.
  27. I can listen to others and understand their perspectives.
  28. I have deep knowledge about my area of expertise.
  29. Others often come to me to solve business problems.
  30. I am often asked to share my insights with others.
  31. I’m a connector and enjoy helping others meet and benefit from those relationships.
  32. When I’m doing work that I love, I don’t need to be prodded to finish my work.
  33. I’m fairly self-disciplined and understand how to set priorities and self-manage.
  34. I like to read widely and be “in the know.”
  35. I often see what needs to be done long before others see it.
  36. When I see something that needs to be done, I do it.
  37. I like being seen as “the expert.”
  38. I can summarize ideas easily.
  39. I can see the big picture.
  40. I understand organizational politics (but don’t especially enjoy them).
  41. I don’t mind being a lone ranger.
  42. I tend to get more done in a day than most people.
  43. I can manage my time.
  44. I can budget for rainy days and am good at handling my finances.
  45. I am adept at riding an emotional roller coaster of ups and downs—good times and bad times.
  46. I have a vision of my success.
  47. I have a strong team of family, friends, and colleagues who support me and my work.
  48. I don’t mind talking about my successes and achievements.
  49. It is totally satisfying to see a project come to its completion.
  50. I can let others take credit for my work.


What other ideas do you have about what makes a consultant a consultant? I’d love to hear your ideas and learn about which of mine do or don’t resonate with you.

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