Access Hard-to-Reach CEOs While Writing Your Book

It’s true. You can prospect for business AND write your book (or article or blog) at the same time. You have the unique ability to leverage your authorship journey as the key that grants you access to C-Suite decision-makers in this simple yet masterful strategy.

Imagine this: you’ve tried for months to have your call accepted by XYZ Corporation, and today the busy CEO is sitting at her desk and has instructed her executive assistant to hold all calls.

“Excuse me, Ms. Executive, but I have Mr. Soon-to-be-Author on the line who would like to interview you for his new book on our industry.”

“Put the call through, please.”

Voila! Success.

The benefits of this approach are endless, and include these.

Battle executive insomnia. You’ll find out what is keeping execs up at night when you ask them, giving you valuable perspectives. This intel will not only help you with your book, but will give you powerful positioning tools when discussing how you might be able to solve their problem.

Gain valuable insights. By asking questions, you’ll be learning more about industry trends and hot topics, and can then drive a book that more specifically meets your readers’ unique needs.

Go deep. By establishing a relationship first before you even think about pitching your ideas, you’ll get to know this executive on a deeper level. Follow up with a face-to-face meeting or zoom call to keep the conversation going and strengthen your relationship.

Grab a lead. Whether this individual can help you or your book is beside the point; these execs often have a network with other CEOs and individuals who might be another resource for your book, and another lead for you to consider. Ask who else you should be talking with before concluding the call.

Build your team. As you talk, you may also find that these same executives would be ideal to write your book’s foreword or to provide an endorsement. Once they’re on your team they can be enlisted to support your launch initiative.

Of course, you must be ready to dive in, so have your questions identified and your thesis statement down cold when you get the CEO on the line.

Yes, you can market your business AND write at the same time. You’ve got this.


Many thanks to Ed Rigsbee for his presentation to NSA KY which allowed me to write this post!–Cathy

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