Writing: Love You, Love You Not

I have a love-hate relationship with writing. I’m sure that might seem odd coming from someone who has written ten books and works as a book coach.

But it’s true. I hate to write. Yet, I love what writing does for me and my readers.

I hate the agonizing time searching for the right model, the correct analogy or metaphor, or the perfect framing for my topic. Yet, I love the clarity and focus that the process gives me. By laboring over each framing, I become clearer and therefore more helpful to my readers.

I hate that writing is an incredibly vulnerable proposition. By writing my thoughts and ideas, I open the kimono and show others my weaknesses and flaws. Yet, by becoming more vulnerable, I become more human and approachable for my readers, and I’m better able to connect in a deep and meaningful way.

I hate the time involved in crafting my ideas and in wordsmithing and fine-tuning until the product is just right. Yet, it is so rewarding in writing a post, article, or book that can be truly transformative for my readers.

I hate the time that writing takes from my speaking and coaching—the work I truly love. But, in writing blogs, articles, and books, I am better able to connect with my clients and do the work I love.

So, yes, I have a love-hate relationship with writing. And as long as writing produces such amazing results such as clarity, connection, and transformation, I guess I will continue to write.

As I’ve said, I hate writing. But I love what writing does for my readers and my business.

So I write.

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