Writing Blogs, Articles, and Books to Boost Your Career – Part 1

How can I possibly find time to write articles, you may ask?  I’m so busy handling all my duties as a professional–who has time for writing articles?  But what if you knew that by writing blogs, articles, or even a book you could gain the attention of your leadership team, create a professional “brand” outside of your organization, and boost your career, wouldn’t it be worth it?

Gaining credibility with your peers and colleagues as well as your organizational leadership, and gaining visibility for future opportunities are all possible benefits of writing.

Developing the Topic

Where do you begin in picking the best topic?  How do you narrow your scope?  Consider these avenues for topic development:

  • The topic on which you spend the most work time.  Since the area on which you work is typically an area of strength and expertise, why not develop an article on this issue?  Chances are that you have been reading, researching, and working with your leadership team and employees to solve problems in this area, and can provide information that is timely and real-world oriented.  If you would like to continue to work in this area, writing an article on a related topic will strengthen your position and credibility in this arena.
  • Trends in your area of expertise.  What trends do you see in your work?  What issues are evolving?  What do your managers and colleagues call you about to ask for your expertise?  These are no doubt excellent topics for a timely article.
  • Controversies in your area of expertise.  Do you hold a position that is controversial?  Do you have knowledge on an issue that is hotly debated?  This topic may also be of interest to potential readers.
  • New legislature.  New laws, regulations, and rulings and interpretations provide an excellent source of article material.  By writing an article on these issues you continue to position yourself as a resource in your field.

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