Why do you write? with guest blogger Kyle Jones

It begins with one. One word. One thought. One idea. One sentence. One paragraph. One post.  One article. One book. One writer. One reader. In the end and above all else, anything else doesn’t matter. All that matters is where it begins…with one. Your written word? What impact do you have? What do you write?

 Why Do You Write?

I recently attended a breakout session with Cathy Fyock encouraging those in attendance to write. This was the one breakout I had to attend simply because of the topic. I had reached out online in 2013 searching for potential HR bloggers in Mississippi.

The search didn’t lead me to anyone in Mississippi but clues led to HR blogging neighbors such as Ben Eubanks and Robin Schooling. It eventually led me to Steve BrowneVictorio MilianSusan Avello, and others. I found a local writer/publisher just outside of Mississippi – and a friend of Mississippi SHRM – in Cynthia Thompson and HR Professionals Magazine. I found sites like Performance I Create and TLNT. I discovered an online world filled with fantastic people.

I didn’t find anyone in Mississippi.

The session, for me, had nothing to do with the search. I wasn’t thinking anything about it but it found me in those who attended along with me.

You Are Not Alone

Cathy had engaged us as we all took part in a great conversation of why we write. Or, to be more accurate, why we don’t. One person questioned their own validity to write. They questioned their value and the worth of anything they might put to written form.  Why would anyone read their words?

Basically, they questioned their own voice – they unintentionally gave power to the perceived lack of importance of that voice.

It was at this moment when I found myself compelled to comment in response. It was as if my own insecurities and fears had reached out into someone else and had been spoken.

“It doesn’t matter how many people read what you write,” I responded. “If you write something and one person reads what you wrote, you made an impact on that one person. It doesn’t have to be 1,000 people. If what you wrote made an impact on just one person, YOU made an impact.”

I recall Charles Thompson making eye contact with me and adding, “Well said, Kyle.”

The One

The other people in the room didn’t know that I question my writing on each-and-every post. I wonder if I am worthy write. I ask if I am wasting my time. The doubt is there. The insecurities are abundant. I wonder if I am simply kidding myself.

But, even though I just asked myself these questions again as I wrote the previous paragraph, I am now writing the next. I’m compelled to write and create. This is part of my reason for being here. I realize that now.

So, for whom do I write? I write to reach just one.  

Why do you write?

Kyle Jones

Today’s post is from guest blogger Kyle Jones.

Kyle has over 20 years of experience in a variety of roles including education, social media, customer service, and human resources. He’s the current Social Media Director for South Mississippi SHRM and the Co-Social Media Director of the MSSHRM State Council. Kyle has served in volunteer roles on both the local and state level since 2007. He was recipient of the 2012 Mississippi Spirit of Human Resources Award.

He has written posts for company, HR and social media blogs and shares his passion for HR and Social Media on his blog, HR to WHO. Follow him on Twitter @kylemj6977 or on LinkedIn.

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