The Impact of “Cause” Publishing with Susie Schaefer

Finish the Book Publishing’s mission is to empower authors to publish books that are a gateway to creating a movement. We believe that books are the foundation for creating a ripple effect to creating community. We honor and empower storytellers to be a part of the global conversation. Through understanding social impact, or “cause” publishing, business owners can become authors that publish books that get results AND give back.
Known as The Book Angel for cause publishing, Susie Schaefer believes that books are the gateway to creating a movement. Her love of books goes far beyond the feel of a fabric cover or the smell of a library. Whether writing a book helps an author heal trauma or raises awareness for a global crisis, Susie honors and empowers storytellers to be part of the global conversation and create a ripple effect of social impact. Working with business owners brings her tremendous joy, particularly when an author’s book shares their own personal story and creates “Business Ascension” by melding an author’s mission and message.

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