The Gifts of Writing

I don’t know which I love more: getting gifts or giving them! And Christmas is certainly the season of giving.

Which got me thinking about the gifts we give and receive as writers and authors.

As an author, I give so many gifts to my readers.

I give the gift of hope, wisdom, insight, joy. As a nonfiction writer, I offer knowledge, inspiration, encouragement, and sometimes laughter.

I give the gift of community. As a writer, I create a tribe of readers. Together we know we are not alone on our journey.

I give the gift of vulnerability. Every time I write I become transparent about my values and beliefs. When I let down my guard, I then have the opportunity to connect with others in a way that is truly authentic.

I give the gift of friendship and support. By helping others in sharing my wisdom, I offer friendship and support.

As an author, I regularly receive many priceless gifts.

I receive the gift of laying claim to my intellectual property. I become the person who “wrote the book” on that topic.

I receive the gift of clarity and focus on my topic. By researching, reading, and writing on my topic, I gain a deep and profound understanding of my thesis. And as a speaker, consultant, or coach, possessing that deep awareness and expertise around my subject matter makes me a more valuable resource.

I receive the gift of acknowledgement and recognition. Being acknowledged and recognized by others is a gift that feeds my soul.

I receive the gift of fulfillment and purpose. When I help others, I know that I am fulfilling my purpose in this world. When my words resonate with others, I feel that I am connected to the universe in a deep and abiding way.

Christmas. It is the season of giving. And as writers, we are doubly blessed by our gifts to others and by the gifts we receive.

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