The Business Case for Writing

Sometimes my clients just say it better than I can!

In this case, Adam Calli, MSM, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, Principal Consultant, Arc Human Capital, LLC, and author of Cultivating Culture, sent me this note, which I’ve ask permission to share with you here. It exactly presents the case for why writing is such a powerful tool for building your business!

“What are you crazy? I’m not a writer!” I thought to myself vehemently when first approached with the idea of writing a chapter for one of Cathy’s anthologies. Sure, the idea of having the authorship of, at least a portion of, an honest to goodness published book to add to my bio sounded appealing. And yes I knew it would give me an added sense of legitimacy to set myself apart from the competition in the crowded market of the Washington DC metro area. I even knew it’d make my mom, grandma, and kids very proud! but really? ME? An author?

Then I met with Cathy Fyock. The first portion of my fears were alleviated when we went through the logistics of the editing and publishing process. But what about the actual WRITING? Nobody could do that for me! Then she outlined the writers’ workshops that would be offered which I could attend. She explained about the editing support was included in the package to ensure that I would deliver a quality, polished finished product I would be happy with and would be proud to share. We also had a lengthy discussion about topic selection. By the end of our meeting, I was ready!

I’ve given my book to students in classes I’ve taught, to prospects, to current clients, to business partners, and I even donated one to my local library! I’ve sold copies of the book online (much easier to do then you’d think!) and after speaking engagements. I’m glad to have written my chapter, and am exploring the possibility of doing another when the time is right. I can recommend Cathy as a partner to any author, whether you be an experienced author, or an apprehensive rookie like I was!

Also, my writing and PR efforts are really starting to gain some traction! Guess who is quoted in SHRM’s HR Magazine for the second time this year? Yup, if you said “Adam”, you’re right! Here is the link to the online version of the article, 6 Simple Ways to Improve Open Enrollment September 2017.

And I’ve been super fortunate to be quoted in two other articles on SHRM’s website last month!

Viewpoint: Carefully Craft the Employee Engagement Survey – August 2017

Finding and Managing Warehouse Workers Is ‘In-the-Trenches’ HR – August 2017

I’ve been quoted on the website four times this year, two of which were also magazine articles. It’s been a good year, and I credit writing my chapter as what broadened my perspective and introduced me to some new things that helped make this possible!

Finally, The “culture crew” [Adam’s coauthors and cohorts in the DC area] and I continue to work together. We’re doing a speaking gig for a local SHRM chapter, and we’re continuing to develop our own ideas, and today we’re having lunch. I feel certain that another article or two will be in the works.

If you want to write to grow your business, build your thought-leadership, and gain visibility, nothing is as powerful as writing. Now you can not just take my word, but hear it from Adam Calli! Thanks Adam.

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