Structured Communication Through Presentations with Jan Pochop

Presentations are one of the most powerful communication tools we have at our disposal today and are a perfect medium for learning logical and structured thinking. The content of this masterclass is built on my learnings from the delivery of hundreds of presentations across multiple industries and functions, where I found the same basic principles apply.

In this masterclass you’ll learn how to better engage your audience and keep their attention. How to structure your communication logically so that the audience can easy digest your content. And how to design slides that are easy to understand, look nice, and take far less time to produce.

About the Presenter
After spending more than a decade in business, mostly in a Strategic function, Jan founded Dynamic Slide Presentations. We help coaches, speakers, and authors take their wisdom & experience and transform it into powerful presentations to better reach their audience.

Jan holds B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA as well as an MBA from IE Business School in Spain.

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