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Selling Books from the Platform (Without really selling)

You’re speaking at a conference or seminar. You’d like to sell your books. But you also know that the event planner has strict rules about not selling from the platform. How can you sell books without selling books?

  1. Include the title of your book in your introduction that you bring to the engagement.
  2. Be sure to let your introducer know that you are doing a book signing after your session, and ask that person to mention it when you are introduced.
  3. Ask your introducer to remind attendees at the end of the session to join you in the bookstore immediately following your session to buy your book.
  4. Ask anyone wanting to ask you questions after the program to join you in the bookstore (or walk with you).
  5. Read a short snippet from your book during your presentation and hold your book!
  6. At least once, say “As I discuss in my book . . .” and provide the information.
  7. Don’t tease attendees or withhold information when speaking. A definite no-no is saying something like, “I would answer that question, but you’ll need to buy the book to get the answer.” This is always wrong. But you might say something like “If you’d like a deeper dive on this issue, you can find it in my book or I’m happy to talk offline” (after you’ve answered the question in a general way).

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