Self-limiting Beliefs and Your Book

What are your beliefs about writing and authorship that are sabotaging your efforts to write your book? Explore this list and determine which, if any, are holding you back. I’ve paired each limiting belief with a restatement you can use to bolster your resolve to write.

You must be a celebrity or thought leader to write a book that people will buy.

You can become a celebrity or thought leader by writing your book and speaking on its topic.

You need to write the next War and Peace in order to be an author.

You need to write in order to be an author.

I have to wait until I achieve ______ before I can write my book.

I have many experiences and insights that allow me to help others through my writing.

I must have more experience in order to author a great book.

I already have a unique blend of experiences and insights that have prepared me to write.

I’m too old to write a book.

I have the wisdom and insight necessary to author a book.

If I write a book, everyone will know how much/little I know about my topic.

In writing a book, I share my wisdom and insight on my topic that may help others.

If my book’s isn’t a best seller it won’t be worth the effort.

I can make money even if I don’t sell my book (because it positions my speaking/consulting/business).

You have to be a great writer (or love writing) in order to author a book.

You have to be a good communicator with a great editor in order to author a book.

I need to conduct mountains of primary research in order to offer a valuable book for readers.

My experience and perspective can offer value to my readers, especially when supported by other thought leaders.

My book must be the first to cover a topic or issue.

My book can offer similar themes or messages as those offered in other books, but in a unique way that only I can write.

My book must win national awards and accolades in order for it to offer value to readers.

My book must offer a unique gift that will help readers—the gifts of wisdom, insights, joy, ease, solutions.

Which of these limiting beliefs is holding you back? What do you do to combat these beliefs and step into authorship?

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