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As some of you know, I was an entrepreneur for more than 20 years, leading my own HR consulting company, Innovative Management Concepts.  I loved my work as a speaker, consultant, and writer on workforce issues, and was able to build a successful business over the years.

My mother worked with me in the business, and when she passed away I mourned not only the loss of my mother, but also the loss of my best friend and business colleague.

After several years of working completely solo, I decided that I was lonely and wanted to be a part of a team.  So, I began my quest for the ideal team where I might use my talents as a speaker, consultant, writer, and HR professional.  I worked as part of three different and unique teams, but found that none of these work environments was able to give me what I needed.

And what did I need?  I needed a chance to use my creative talents in new and exciting ways.  I wanted to try new and unique ideas that weren’t necessarily tried and true.  I craved the ability to see to fruition the concepts I envisioned.  In other words, I needed to lead my own organization.

I’ve now owned up to that fact, and started my own company once again.  I’m building on what I know and what I’ve learned, but in a completely new way.  Instead of working as an HR consultant, I’m using what I learned to help other business professionals write their books and grow their businesses.

It seems that in writing four of my five books I did something few have done—I wrote these books within six weeks.  I’d never thought too much about this until I received a call from the president of the National Speakers Association – KY chapter.

“Cathy, I understand you’ve written your books within six weeks, and we’re wondering if you’d be willing to do a presentation for NSA KY on how you’ve done it.”

I was honored and flattered!

“Before you say ‘yes’ there’s one more catch.  We think it would be cool if you’d be willing to coach a couple of our members for six weeks, and then give a panel presentation on your process.”

Now I was totally hooked.

I began coaching two of our members.  One did drop out from the experience, but another joined midstream.  And we gave our presentation together about how the process really does work!

Now I’m back in business for myself, but now I’m helping business professionals who are dreaming about writing their books.  I’m helping them through my new book, On Your Mark: From First Word to First Draft in Six Weeks, co-authored with my nephew Kevin Williamson.  And I’m helping individuals with a group coaching model, a one-on-one model, and a “gotta get it done” intensive coaching model.  I’m also hoping to speak for other groups of entrepreneurs—speakers, consultants, coaches, business owners, corporate executives—and for those who need to write to codify their expertise (think publish or perish and ABD—All But Dissertation candidates).

I can honestly say that I’ve never been more excited about this new opportunity, and how I believe I can help make a difference for individuals who want or need to write.

I hope we’ll have the chance to talk about the book that’s inside you!  Let me know if I can help you on your journey as an entrepreneur, or as you embark on telling your story.

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