READY, Set, Change! Simplify and Accelerate Organizational Change with April Callis-Birchmeier

This essential guide for Human Resource, Project Management, and Change Professionals provides a framework for a simpler and faster approach to help individuals and organizations adopt new program, technological platforms, and systems easily and effectively.Through an engaging narrative story, we meet Elizabeth, an HR Manager who is asked to implement a technology change for the physicians and staff at the healthcare company where she works. Exploring Elizabeth’s challenges and opportunities allows the reader to identify with the story and apply the READY-Set-Change Model.This book balances the technical details associated with Organizational Change Management with an engaging narrative that illustrates the use of the techniques and tools to lead change.

I could not have finished this book without Cathy! When I started working with Cathy I explained that I’d been working on a number of things but hadn’t finished any of them, Cathy gave me a great process with frequent check-ins to write and was kindly firm when I neared the end and wanted to start over! I’ve never encountered anyone with her combination of friendly and fierce before and I’m so grateful to Cathy for the steady hand guiding me along to completion of my book!

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