Priorities Power Boost: Uncover Hidden Time in Your Busy Day with Sarah Ohanesian

You have constant demands and a never-ending to-do list, but you also have goals. Big goals. Write your book. Start a business. Become a speaker. You know finding and maximizing time in your busy day is crucial for achieving those goals. But right now…it feels impossible.
Join us for a dynamic and interactive masterclass where productivity consultant Sarah Ohanesian guides us through practical strategies to set clear priorities and uncover hidden pockets of time. In Part 1, Sarah will help you define your priorities for the season to help you establish your goals and bring focus to your day. Discover how aligning your tasks with your larger goals can bring focus, clarity, and a sense of accomplishment to you every day. In Part 2, Sarah will reveal simple yet effective techniques to eliminate distractions and reclaim precious minutes. Learn how to streamline your schedule, optimize your workspace, and leverage simple tools to regain control of your time. Even when you read this and think: “That’s impossible for me.”
This masterclass is designed to empower you to make intentional choices, increase productivity, and most importantly help you make a meaningful impact. Don’t let the chaos of everyday life hold you back – take charge of your time and unlock your full potential. Join us for this energizing session and leave with actionable strategies to transform your hectic days into purposefully productive milestones toward YOUR goals.

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