On Your Own Terms by Lee Quinn and Lewis Rudy

On Your Own Terms: Building a Sustainable, Value-Creating Business will change your professional life on a scale you can’t begin to fathom, using the MORE (Master of Reverse Engineering) process.

Lee Quinn and Lewis Rudy explain the power of the MORE concept and teach you to draw information from your business as you address changes in real time to produce an entity that will supersede your goals and expectations. (Not to mention, silence those doubts.)

The MORE system allows you to manage your business to be a sustainable, value-creating entity for years to come. You’ll learn the critical difference between adding the value and being the value. (And you might be surprised to learn which approach can actually hurt your business.)

Cathy, you instilled the confidence in me to make my dream of writing a book come true. Your guidance in On Your Mark was spot-on. Thank you for your leadership, patience, and advice. Here is to many more years of helping other aspiring authors see their dreams come true!

–Lee Quinn, Author

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