My Faith Sparkles with Amy Luscher Smith

When Amy Luscher Smith was diagnosed with breast cancer, she wondered how she would make time and space in her busy life to battle cancer. She wondered how her relationships would change after the word “cancer” was whispered behind so many closed doors. And in the aftermath of treatment and personal transformation, Amy is doing what few cancer survivors do — inviting readers to bear witness to her experiences. She’s inviting you to see the details of her daily life as she adapted to surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, recovery, and, ultimately, her new identity as a cancer survivor.

Cathy Fyock gave me the courage to take a chance on my writing. With her easy-to-follow steps, I first drafted a chapter in an anthology and then wrote an entire book! Cathy offered great ideas, connected me to valuable peer mentors, and was an integral part of the success of my book.

To purchase the book, follow this link.

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