Measures of Success with Mark Graban

Do you feel like you’re constantly reacting to every up or down in your metrics, as if you’re on a proverbial roller coaster of performance where there’s a lot of excitement but, at the end of the ride, you’re right back where you started? If so, the new book Measures of Success will help you, as the subtitle says, react less, lead better, and improve more.

As leaders, our time is limited so we need to prioritize our efforts, learning when it’s appropriate to ask “why did that metric change?” and when a good use of time to investigate in the name of understanding why performance got better or why it got worse. This book will help you determine, using simple statistical methods, if your metric is just fluctuating around an average and why a more systematic, less reactive approach to improvement can same time and improve results.

It’s often said, “what gets measured, gets managed.” Measures of Success is a practical guide for how to better manage the work processes and systems that generate these rules. Donald J. Wheeler, Ph.D., says, “Everyone who is exposed to business data needs to read this book.”

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I previously had two books published, but everybody needs a coach – and Cathy Fyock was exactly what I needed at various stages of the writing and publishing process. Cathy provided a lot of helpful information and was a great resource, both through her one-on-one coaching and the online mastermind group meetings and webinars that I was invited to as a client. Every time I had a question or was having a crisis of confidence, Cathy was there when I needed her – with a smile (and a polite kick in the butt when I needed it). Cathy was recommended to me by someone in my professional circles and I have been enthusiastically recommending her to others, especially aspiring first-time authors.

Mark Graban, Author, Lean Hospitals, Healthcare Kaizen, and Measures of Success

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