Land and Leverage your TEDx Talk with Ryan Brady

Tuesday, July 16, 2:00 pm Eastern

In this masterclass we’ll cover everything you need to get yourself a TEDx talk. From finding your TEDx idea worth spreading (which everyone has inside them whether they realize yet or not), to building your application and submitting it until you are accepted, then a few ways to leverage this gem of a marketing asset you now have (your TEDx talk). Your host of this masterclass, Ryan Brady is not just a speaker, he is a TEDx architect! He had given two TEDx talks by the age of 22 and now helps professionals like you secure a TEDx talk so you can amplify your influence, revenue, credibility, and impact.

To register for this one-hour Master Class, follow this link.

Everyone who registers for the class will receive a link to the recording.

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