The Business of Confidence and The Act of Confidence by Jennifer Bartlett-Phelps

The Business of Confidence is a candid look inside one photographers journey into boudoir. An often misunderstood genre of photography, boudoir is sensual portraiture that often takes place in lingerie. The sexy end product is appealing to many women, though they often feel unsure about it. The boudoir journey is an uplifting experience which everyone deserves to encounter. Follow the author as her journey unfolds and she strips away the layers to find what so many seek: confidence and a celebration of self like no other.

“Cathy was a joy to work with! She really made a point of understanding my subject and my goals, and kept me on track to keep from losing sight of those goals. I would definitely recommend working with her!”

– Jennifer Bartlett-Phelps, Alter Ego Imaging, Owner/Photographer

To order The Business of Confidence click here. (book)

To order The Act of Confidence click here. (journal)

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