Is your book producing magical results for your business?

I’ve always said that books are magic! They have the power to grant credibility and visibility, to establish thought leadership, to close business deals, to open doors to new prospects, and to generate new revenue streams.

Some authors think that just writing the book brings all these rewards, and end up disappointed when business goes on as usual without any additional hype or fanfare once the book is published.

A hammer is a powerful tool, but only when the user knows how to swing the hammer. In and of itself, the hammer has no power. Similarly, you book is is a business tool and must be wielded properly in order to leverage its power.

What are the ways you can harness the magical power of your book?

  • Include your book on all your marketing collateral: website, email signature, handouts, proposals, one-sheets. Let your clients and prospects know you “wrote the book” on your topic.
  • Discuss your book when talking with meeting planners about speaking engagements, and include a clause in your speaking agreement about purchasing books before the presentation for all attendees.
  • Offer to brand a special edition of your book for clients who want to buy large bulk orders.
  • Include your book’s title in all bylines.
  • Excerpt your book (and cite the source) for blog posts and articles. Include a photograph of the book’s cover and a link to purchase the book.
  • Give out bookmarks in lieu of business cards to establish your role as an author and thought leader.
  • Hold your book and read from it when giving presentations and workshops. Attendees will be more apt to purchase the book after your presentation.
  • In speaking handouts, include information on how to order your book. Or better yet, extend a special offer to those who order your book after your presentation.
  • Bundle your book with other services: coaching packages, mastermind memberships, webinar programs.
  • Carry a book with you at all times, and wear your button that says, “Ask me about my book!” You’ll find that you can sell your book wherever you go! Most of my authors keep a box of books in the car just in case they find interested buyers.

Need to harness more of the magic power in your book? Read The Speaker Author: Sell More Books and Book More Speeches from Cathy Fyock and Lois Creamer for more ideas.

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